Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gray Hair, Bald Heads and Hearing Aids

I discovered something today. When you're from the Far Nort'land you have to get used to the heat gradually. If somebody just drops you into the middle of it - you suffer. It definitely is easier if you can work into it gradually. And considering the fact that we've had COLD temps back home, we're a long ways from acclimating. Today Missouri decided to show us what it felt like to be back at 85 degrees again - with humidity because it rained last night. I guess it's a good thing we're heading home tomorrow as the next week is supposed to register in the upper 80s here. At this point our blood is still too thick to withstand that.

This afternoon I saw more bald heads, gray hair and hearing aids in one place than I've seen for a long time - we went to a show called "Hank Revisited," an excellent impersonator of Hank Williams, Sr. The young man that did the show (Tim Hadler) was absolutely fantastic, along with his band that consisted of a steel guitar, fiddle and bass player. You would have thought you were staring at Hank, Sr. and you were for sure hearing him live. He and his band entertained us for 2 and a half hours. But then you have to be of a certain "age group" just to remember who Hank Sr. is. He far surpassed the Patsy Cline show we went to yesterday.

Branson is so full of very talented people just looking for a break. There are street musicians all over, playing on the corners with the instrument cases open hoping to collect tips but more so hoping to get discovered. It's incredible. Tim Hadler has been to Nashville and played at the Grand Ole Opry, so he's at least got his foot in the door.

Well, to every good time there comes an end. Tomorrow we head north - back to Minnesota. Hopefully Minnesota has decided to let spring arrive and will show us some warmer temperatures and a bit of sunshine.

Love, Lena