Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Don't Know what to Call this one!

On Sunday afternoon May came out and she, Lovely Daughter and I got a good handle on the wedding flowers. Everything is done with the exception of the bridal bouquet, the maid of honor's bouquet and the boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. Lovely Daughter had picked up the wrong shade of roses, so has to exchange them for the right ones and we're scheduled to finish the flowers on Thursday night.

My week is making me feel like a crazy woman (but then when is that different?). I'm madly trying to get my yard and house in shape to entertain 40 people on Sunday afternoon for a couples bridal shower. Neither of the gals giving the shower have a big enough house or a big enough yard to hold 40 people plus tables and chairs, so I volunteered our space. And of course, I can't just let things be as they are - I'm way too much of a perfectionist and need to have a weed-free backyard, a sculptured lawn and an immaculate house. Now I KNOW the house part isn't going to happen because the doggers just walk across the floor and deposit a load of hair. Oh, well, I'll just have to send Rosie the Rhoomba on a mission just before everybody gets here.

Last night I ran to Party America and picked up all the cups, plates, napkins, etc. that will be needed, and then came home and Ole helped me make chokecherry jelly. 10 pints, and they all sealed. The chokecherries were ready when we got home from Sturgis, and even though there wasn't enough to make a batch of wine he couldn't just leave the berries for the birds. So I managed to get the juice made right away before the berries spoiled and now we're gradually processing it into jelly. I LOVE chokecherry jelly, but I think I'll make the remainder of the juice into syrup for ice cream or pancakes. Mmmmm.

Anyway, Ole and I got the backyard taken care of yesterday so today I'll tackle the garage and the screen room. Busy, busy, busy.

Last night was Monday night and we didn't even go down to the Watering Hole for half price burgers. I'm so burned out on that place I can hardly even stand to go in there anymore. The owners have an "attitude," especially since their competition in town closed - it's like they're doing you a favor just to wait on you. As regular customers that our group has been, supporting them through some of their lean times, that just doesn't fly with me. Ole and I went in there on Friday night for their special. Jeff, the cook, makes the best barbecued ribs ever, so it's worth putting up with the owners to eat Jeff's ribs. But after sitting there for 15 minutes and being totally ignored we got up and left. Drove down the road to another little neighborhood bar and restaurant that's been around forever and had a great meal with none of the attitude.

I don't think I've ever written about the "attitude" in the Watering Hole. I'll have to do that some day.

Besides that, I don't miss seeing Jane either. But both she and Dick have been very scarce down there - maybe Jane is getting the idea that she's not very well liked around town.

Well, folks, I've got a wide row to hoe today so I best grab the tools and get going.

Love Lena


Kat said...

I thought we were doing flowers Friday?

art said...

ive never heard of chokecherry jelly, and i been on the planet for almost 50 years!! and i thought i knew it all!!! hahaha!!

Meggie Lou said...

This is mind boggling... all that you still have to do. I can't even imagine. OH... and the attitude thing. Yes, indeed. Seems that you folks in Minnesota don't have the only restaurants with attitude. We here in Arkansas are familiar with the problem as well. Yes. Do write about the Watering Hole. It would be interesting. Look forward to your next blog.

Shear said...

I ordered some Chokecherry jelly last night. Can't wait to try it.

Holly said...

I really miss chokecherry jelly. My mom used to make tons of chokecherry jelly and syrup every year. As a kid I got tired of it, (and plum jelly, and occassionaly juneberry), but now I really miss it. We had two big chokecherry trees right out side our kitchen. I used to be the designated berry picker. BRings back many memories.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm Chokecherry jelly! My buddy's mom makes it! mmm. I would love to get some of that. Right now I am working on getting enough together to make my own jelly and stuff, since my allergy is in so much stuff, I have even had to resort to making my own syrup. OMG! it is so good I will never go back. :)

Wanta sell a jar?