Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday Night in Sturgis

There was a shooting in downtown Sturgis on Friday night in the Loud American Roadhouse. About 2 a.m. a Hell’s Angel and a member of the Iron Pigs got into it. I understand they were both from the Seattle area, and knew each other from there. I had never heard of the Iron Pigs before, but found out through the local newspaper that they are a group of policemen and firemen. What precipitated the shooting wasn’t published in the paper, but it was the Iron Pig cop that pulled the gun and shot the Hell’s Angel. The newspaper article led me to believe that there was going to try to be a cover up regarding this situation. The Police Chief from Seattle was already on his way here to help with the investigation. Guess I’m glad we were home tucked in bed by that time.

We had good intentions on Saturday afternoon. We intended to ride up to Rochert, a quaint little town way up in the hills. But by the time we reached Deadwood there were some bad storm clouds blowing in over the top of the mountain, so we stopped for a quick lunch and went back down the hill to Sturgis. We waited out the storm that never materialized by watching a movie. At least it never materialized in Sturgis, but we heard on the radio that Deadwood and Lead and golf ball sized hail. So I guess I’m glad we weren’t there either.

So because we had been so tame all day we decided to take our lives in our hands and venture into Sturgis on Saturday night. You never know what you’ll find after dark. We sat for a couple of hours people watching and here’s what we saw.

Pretty boring, huh? No weirdoes last night. So back to camp we went. We packed up early this morning and were on the road by 10:30. We had to say goodbye to our good friends, Dave and Karen, from Arizona, which always brings a few tears. They are such dear people.
So we’re currently on the road out in the middle of nowhere – it’s 75 miles to the nearest town and all we’ve seen for the last hour is hay bales and antelope, along with large gates with ranch names, and gravel roads leading across the prairie to the ranch that may be many miles down the road. Should be home around 9 o’clock tonight (Sunday).


Shear said...

Never heard of the Iron Pigs. Cute name for cop bikers, though. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice trip and hope you are pulling safely into your driveway right about now.