Tuesday, September 9, 2008


There's another private entry over at Sky Blue Waters under my new password. If you haven't gotten it from me yet, just send me an email. And again, sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully I won't have to change it again because it's a pain for me and for my readers.

I do have some news about Ole's leg. He saw the surgeon again last Thursday and things are looking a bit better. Better to the point where he's scheduled for surgery to have the vein removed so it won't cause anymore problems. The untra-sound guy ran all his tests and told us that the vein isn't working at all. The surface veins, which this is, have a series of valves which are supposed to open and close and pump the blood back up to the heart. Ole's valves don't work, and unfortunately a shot of WD40 won't help in this case. The surgeon told us that apparently another vein somewhere in his leg is beginning to take over because the swelling has gone way down and the color is improving. So he's scheduled for surgery on October 3.

The surgery will consist of a series of small, short incisions and then he'll use a tool about the size of a small pen and just suck that baby right out. Liposuction of the veins. Ole wanted to know how many pounds lighter he would be, but I guess that doesn't apply to this procedure. Darn.

They're going to ultrasound his other leg at that time to check the blood flow and make sure everything is working properly. If it's not they'll be able to laser that leg to prevent any future problems.

Just got the hospital bill - comes to over $10,000. Yikes. And all of that for the lousy care he got from Indian Lady Doctor. We got a survey in the mail the other day that they wanted filled out about his hospital stay. Boy, did I give that woman the What For. I hope that she'll suffer some kind of consequences, but I highly doubt it. You know how things like that go - right into File 13.

One thing you should see - and then again maybe not - is Ole in is "nylons." He's got those orthopedic compression socks that he's got to wear all the time. They're black and they're so sexy. And every once in awhile he has to drop his jeans and pull his "nylons" up because they bunch up. I told him now he knows what we women go through when we have to wear pantyhose (snicker). I was going to buy him a red garter when we were in Sturgis, but I couldn't find one big enough. Oh, well, he'll just have to pull and tug just like we do when we have to wear those darn things.


Shear said...

Wow! Ole is having the same surgery my dad had a few years ago. He'll be so glad he did. My dad's legs are in better shape now than they've been in years.

Yvonne said...

Poor Ole in his tights! (If that's not photograph material I don't know what is!)

capitolady said...

Cool I bet Ole just loves wearing panty hose. :) I hope all goes well with the surgery, I have see it done by one of the docs I worked for. Cool.