Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's Fashion Show - or - Wedding Dressing

My friend, May, went shopping yesterday. She and Carol are the best bargain finders. I NEVER find good bargains when I go out shopping, but then maybe it has to do with the fact that I don't like to shop - not even for new clothes. I HATE trying things on in the dressings rooms, so as a result, if I'm going to buy something I hold it up, if it looks like it's going to fit I take it home, try it on, and you guessed it, I usually have to take it back.

To tell you how much I don't like shopping, I haven't been in our big mall for over three years until yesterday when I had to take Ole out to the men's formal wear shop and get him fitted for a tux. Good Gravy - it cost over $100 to rent a tux these days. May, who lived in NYC at one point told me that was a drop in the bucket compared to NYC prices.

So anyway, May went out to our big mall yesterday and was cruising around at one of our upper Midwest chains and truly found the bargain rack. Lars' mother has MS and is in a wheelchair so it's up to Lars and Lovely Daughter to find her something to wear for the wedding, which they haven't had time to do yet. May came across the most beautiful periwinkle blue organza dress with beading on the front - and get this - it was on the sale rack for $10!!! May looked and looked before she found what the problem was with it. Two little beads on the front of the dress were loose and ready to fall of. Her quick artistry with a needle and thread will put that back in shape in no time. So she brought it home not knowing whether Lovely Daughter, Lars and his mother would even like it. I told her if they don't I would love to take it. I don't know where I'll wear it ever, but a girl can never have too many beaded organza gowns, you know.

So the mother of the groom is all taken care of. Someone, I think Lovely Daughter, was going to find a pair of ballet style slippers for her to wear, and she's set. I feel so badly for Lars' mother - she's in a wheelchair and is at the point where she's lost the ability to speak and can't write to communicate because her arms don't work anymore either.

Okay - then there's MOB (mother of the bride). Some days I feel like a member of the MOB if you know what I mean. But anyway - that's another story.

Did I tell you that I hate shopping? I did say that didn't I? I hate shopping so much that I looked on the Internet to buy my MOB dress. (Al Capone would like my dress, I know he would.) It wasn't any bargain dollar wise, but at least I didn't have to traipse all over the maul and try clothes on and take them off and then try something else on. I hate shopping, did I tell you that?

So here's what I found - I ordered it and hallelujah - it fits perfectly.

The dress is covered with bugle beads, front and back and all around. It sparkles. I wish I could tell you that's my body in that dress but it's not. See how honest I am? If I hadn't said anything you would have thought, "My she's lost a lot of weight." But - it's some model in that dress with a skinny body. Not my fluffy one.

Then I went in search of earrings and found these on Ebay. I wanted something sparkly, but I'm not a long, dangle earring kind of person. Although it doesn't look like it in the pictures, the color matches perfectly to my dress.
And then there's the most important part of the wedding - the bride in her wedding gown. Here's ANOTHER bargain. My Lovely Daughter is a bargain shopper too, bless her heart. Just remember, she didn't inherit that gene from me. I hate to shop - did I tell you that?

She found this on a close out sale for $300 a number of months ago. It was last year's model. But who cares? She loved it, tried it on and it fit. When she tried it on now it needed altering but not because she had gained weight. She had to have it taken in. Now she looks like that skinny model in MY dress. Darn skinny people anyway.

And here's the back:

And here's the front:

And here's the back again (as though you smart people out there couldn't figure that out.)

So there you have it - today's fashion show. Hope you enjoyed it.

Now, I've got to get to work cause Lord knows I've got a ton of stuff to do.


~ Sil in Corea said...

Both dresses are really stunningly beautiful!!! I'll bet you-all are going to look like a million bucks! :-) I also like the antique piccy at the end. Maine used to look like that, too, once upon a time. (I'm a Mainer, ya know.)

words-4-less said...

I've been looking online at the Mother of the Bride dresses. You found a good one!! Some of them are a little too "matronly" for me. I am more of a show a lot of leg type person. Only because I use my legs to distract from all my flaws!!! But gonna have to tone down my taste for my baby's wedding. Have to be DIGNIFIED, you know!!! LOL No one will recognize me. hee hee hee

dakotagirl said...

I thought you'd left forever. Just found your new site. Sounds like you had a great time at Sturgis. My hubby and I were there also. I agree we had great weather!. Glad to have found you again, love reading your blog.

Lorelei said...

Your dress is Beautiful! I'm sure you will look beautiful in it. The model really is too skinny, don't you think? I like Lovely Daughter's dress, too, but somehow I don't enthuse so much over wedding gowns. Something wrong with me, I guess.

Yvonne said...

All lovely!

Anonymous said...

Everyone's going to be beeeeeautiful!!!

Shear said...

Love your dress! Love LD's dress too! But I really really really love your earrings! They will look so beautiful with your dress.

Carolyn said...

Both dresses are beautiful!
I used to hate shopping too. It's still not my favorite thing to do, but I enjoy it more than I used to. What I do is I pick up everything that's in my size that I think I might like and take them all to the dressing room at once. Chances are good that at least ONE thing will fit and look good on me. I do even better if Shelby goes with me, so she can get a different size/color for me so I don't have to constantly run back and forth to the dressing room. One other point to successful shopping - if the store is hot and stuffy, the dressing rooms will be unbearable, making me hot and grouchy. I don't even look for something in those stores.