Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ole's Cousin Helga

Ole's Cousin Helga came to visit over the weekend all decked out in her Halloween costume. She got into a bit too much of Ole's chokecherry juice, and we were quite concerned about her when she left. She had a hard time walking, let alone trying to operate any other mode of transportation. But against our better judgment and due to her insistance, we let her go on her own with the idea that we would call her in about a half hour, more than plenty of time for her to arrive safely at home.

We let the half hour pass and then Ole dialed her number - no answer. We waited five more minutes and tried again - still no answer. After trying several more times and not getting an answer we went to bed, thinking that if she managed to get a DUI, we would be getting a call to come bail her out. Helga can be quite a rounder at times, you know. You should see her when she gets into the aquavit!

Well, anyway, the next morning as Ole was walking out to get the mail and the paper, who should he spy at the end of the drive way lodged in the telephone pole, but Helga!!

She must have gotten a bit on the wild side when she was trying to do her aerobatic flying so she ended up upsidedown.

Helga has been around our house for many years - long before you started seeing this type of thing available for purchase in the stores. She was totally a creation of one of Ole's brain farts one day before Halloween many years ago, and unfortunately she's starting to show her age. She's in need of a lot of plastic surgery (new mask), although her designer clothing is still in reasonable shape. We decided after we got her hung up this year that we really should have had a pair of red and white striped bloomers for her, but that will come next year.

Normally Helga gets hung on the pole about the first of October, but we were a little late this year. Ole also had to perform a couple of surgeries on her to repair some portions that had come apart. Folks who have driven by and noticed that Helga wasn't in her usual place have all asked what happened to her this year - so we KNOW they're paying attention.

Now as far as Ole's chokecherry juice is concerned - I'm not going to tell you what that is - I'll leave that to your imagination. It started out as sugar beet wine - but that's a story for another day.



Meggie Lou said...

Sugar Beet Wine?!! Not on my list of wines to taste. Very cute story.

Shear said...

LOL! I love Ole's Helga.

I had the "wicked witch's" legs and ruby shoes hanging out of the trunk of my car last year for Halloween.

Yesterday one of Son's classmates asked me where the wicked witch was. I'd almost forgotten about it.

I'm not hanging the witch's legs from the trunk of my car this year. That caused too much tailgating. Yesterday afternoon, I placed them so it looks like the house is sitting on them.

capitolady said...

Coke Cherry juice sounds like just the ticket to be drinking while recovering from endless job interviews. :) I look alot like Helga these days. :)