Sunday, December 14, 2008



Ole and I have been listening to all the cancellation announcements on the radio this morning. And horror of horrors - The lutefisk supper at the Sons of Norway Hall had to be postponed for tonight. Ole and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. All those poor Norskies will have to park their salivary glands until next weekend and just wait to enjoy their lutefisk. There won't be a problem keeping it that long I'm sure because after being soaked in all that lye water it certainly won't spoil anymore than it already is.

This is a very dangerous blizzard and it's hit with a vengeance. We're currently having 50 mph winds, it's snowing sideways, (but then it always snows sideways here) and visibility is down to zero in the country and less than a block in the city. Even in our yard, which is lined on all four sides with rows of very large evergreens, we can occasionally get a glimpse of Daughter's house, but mostly all we see is white. All the highways are closed and we're hoping that Ole doesn't get called out on a fire call.

My deck has become a bird sanctuary. I've got several large feeders out and loaded them all yesterday and placed them on small tables right next to the house in front of the windows - mostly so they would be protected from the wind but also for cat entertainment purposes. When I walked out into the living room this morning Lucy was sitting in the bay window face to face with a squirrel. They were busy chattering back and forth at each other.

That's my grandmother's Christmas cactus over on the left. It's covered with blossoms this year. I'll have to get a better picture of it for you. Here's the resident squirrel talking back to Lucy.

Here's more entertainment for Lucy. She flattens herself on the floor in front of the window and pretends the birds can't see her. Then her whiskers go a mile a minute and she chatters on and on. The birds drive her crazy.

Then she took up residence on Ole's lap where it was warm. By the way, it's Lucy's birthday tomorrow. I'm sure she's appreciate any gifts of catnip that you may want to send her way!!

A bit later it was nap time with Senior Citizen Simon.

If one spot doesn't suit them they can always find another.

I've been meaning to share this with you for some time. We take Daisy and Beau for a run in the country every night. Isn't it amazing what internal clocks animals have? Every afternoon about 4:30 they start poking Ole in the leg convincing him that it's time to go for their run. They're very persistent and become more and more obnoxious if Ole doesn't drop everything and put them in the truck. Of course it's too cold for them to ride in the back now, so they're in the cab with us. Thank heavens Ole's got a big truck. When they get close to the point where Ole let's them out they become - well - here, take a look for yourself. You'd think that Daisy is being whipped to within an inch of her life - all she wants to do is get out ~ ~ ~

I think Ole and I are going to bake cookies this afternoon. It's a good day to do it. So come over for coffee and fresh cookies later, okay?

Love Lena


Anonymous said...

Oh sure, you tempt me with cookies and then you close your roads! How am I supposed to get there? I feel like making Daisy sounds!

Stay safe! It's starting to get bad here now. And we city people, we aren't so smart about this kind of stuff.

Marge said...

Oh no! When the SON have to cancel a lutefisk feed, you know the weather is bad! We're cold and windy down here too, but I'm sure nothing like you guys. We're expecting a high of minus one today, with 20-30 below wind chills. What do you have going? I also made cookies yesterday, so you could come here for coffee, too!

Where did you get the songs you have going on your playlist? I'd love to post a couple of those, too. Something brings out the Scandanavian humor this time of year! And I'm only half Norwegian!

Keep warm!

capitolady said...

I made a big pan of Lasagna and we slept through most of it. Although we didn't get all the snow we got a whole lot of icy stuff!!!

Cute pictures! I pity that poor squirrel.