Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aren't you Envious?

Aren't you just drooling over these pictures? I've seen some absolutely gorgeous sunsets in the deserts of Arizona, but I certainly think these sunsets are just as spectacular - taken from the ridge just above where Big Brother lives. The air temps cool down as the sun sets, but we were able to sit outside with light jackets and toast this beautiful view.

Today I put the kabosh on anymore building. It's time for Big Brother to get his 5th wheel and diesel truck ready to travel. I told him I would allow him to finish putting his bed together today, but that was it. We've all worked very hard and now it's time for some play time. You all KNOW that it takes a woman to get things going, right? All work and no play makes Ole and Lena and Big Brother some pretty dull people. Now we're going to go roaming around the desert for a bit, hit the big flea market at Quartzsite, AZ and various other things.
Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have something more interesting to write about.
Love Lena


Marge said...

Fun, fun, fun! We've done the flea market in Yuma. It's awesome! Yes, it's time you get out they are play for awhile. All work and no play makes everyone dull!

cosmic said...

Yes, I envy your view. Stunning.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I were there too. - Paula

Carolyn said...

Good girl! Men sometimes need to be reminded what vacation means! Have a great time and stay safe.

Memaw's memories said...

Lena, I found you on Road Sage's comments, and noticed that you call your husband Ole. Are you using these names because of the couple in the Movie 'North to Alaska' where John Wayne's characters friends were Ole and Lena Nordstrom?

I'm a big John Wayne fan, in case you can't tell.