Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beau & Daisy Arrive

Hi Everybody,

Daisy here - Grandma said I could have a turn at writing today. My paws don't work much better than Beau's but I'll give it a try.

We finally came to the end of our long ride to get to our Great Adventure. And you know what? There was another DOG to meet!! Grandma's Big Brother has a dog named Bruno and he's kind of a strange, unheard of breed. He's a Plot Hound. He told me his ancestors were bred in Kentucky and Tennessee to hunt bear and wild pigs. Beau and I kind of overwhelmed him at first - for being bred to hunt bear and wild pigs he wasn't real brave. All he wanted to do was play, but as soon as he got the idea that I was "top dog" in this group everything was fine.

It snowed here yesterday - a couple of inches. Grandpa and Grandma thought they were going to get away from all the snow, but I guess they got fooled. But at least it's warm - my feet don't get cold here.

Here's a few pictures that Grandma took on the trip.

Here's Beau and me trying to crawl over Grandpa's lap when we saw that little dog and we had to bark at it.

Here's Beau sitting in front of Grandma watching out the front window as we go down the road. He's so afraid he's going to miss something, you know.

He takes up all the space in front so I have to sit on the davenport and watch out the window. Oh, well, I still see a lot of stuff.

Well, that's it for today, Gang.

Love Daisy


p.pasterski said...

OMG Those last two posts were too cute and the pictures too. I'm glad you got outta Dodge before the next snowfall. Here in Chicago it's colder and snowier than usual but today and last night was gorgeous....kind of ware...high 20's and the snowfall was about 10 inches of the prettiest powdered sugar you ever quiet and magical and beautiful wind. Tomorrow, Jack Frost comes and will lower the temps to an un=Godly low but for today we are in a winter wonderland. Have a great trip. I always enjoy living vicariously throug your trips...Paula

Susan said...

Well, Daisy, you write as well as Beau. Glad you are having a great time. My dog, Kippy, would not be happy going wiht you. Does not like riding in the car--what is with that? Hope to hear from you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Daisy - you and Beau are the luckiest dogs ever!!!!

I'm sorry that wherever your grandparents go, they bring the snow with them. You need to shake those two!