Friday, January 16, 2009

I Don't Have Green Hair But . . . .

I guess it's time I report in again, huh? Sorry I've been so lax, but not a lot of interesting things have happened unless you think me with white hair is interesting.

I put the primer coat on Big Brother's living room and kitchen today. Needless to say, I followed the usual routine and had as much paint on myself as on the walls. But the primer is done and tomorrow I'll put a coat of paint on. Hopefully one coat will do it and I can move onto the hallway and the bedroom. Did I mention that I hate to paint? Big Brother told us tonight that this was the best Christmas present we could have ever given him. He has a tendency to "put things off" unless there's someone here to work with him. And Ole is just that person. Ole doesn't let much grass grow under his feet - he's always pretty busy. With the exception of the picture below. He likes his naps and so does Daisy.

Beau stays busy playing with Bruno. I've got to shoot a video of the two of them. It's hilarious. They chase each other around a tree then stop and go the other way. They go at it all day and by night are so tired they can hardly wiggle. Daisy watches, but thinks it's a bunch of nonsense and goes her own way, usually velcroed to Ole, fearing that he might get out of her sight.

I can't believe how much better I feel down here than I do at home. Physically. I have some arthritis and chronic issues with my back and knee. And down here they don't hurt. It must be the warmer temperatures and the elevation which makes for less air pressure. And the beautiful blue sky and sunshine certainly help one's attitude immensely.

I brought my sewing machine along. At home I haven't had an opportunity to accomplish any fun projects for almost a year and I really miss that. I've had the fabric to make a duvet cover for my soon to be redecorated bedroom for over a year and haven't done a thing with it. In the week since I've been here I've almost got the quilted top done - hurrah!! It's so relaxing and such a feeling of accomplishment. At home there's always something or someone who diverts me from what I'd like to do to what I have to/need to do. Whoever thought retirement would be or could be so stressful. I'm just so glad to be stress free for a period of time even if it won't be forever. Maybe I can return home with a new and better attitude.

But then that's going to depend on the flood situation for us. Although I talked to Lovely Daughter this afternoon and she said we've had very little snow since we left.

Big Brother retired at age 50 to the mountains of New Mexico. He's been here 15 years. I truly wish that we could move down here as I absolutely love it. There are four seasons, but they are all mild - nothing extreme like Minnesota. I'm SO glad I'm not there right now with the horribly frigid temperatures, snow and wind that they're dealing with right now.

Big Brother is a dear. Not just because he's my brother, but he's the kindest, nicest, most caring person I know. He's so much like my Dad it's scary. He looks like my Dad when my dad was that age, and when you watch him walk he's got the same swagger that my Dad had. My Dad was also a very kind person and well thought of in the community, as is Big Brother.

Well Folks, that's it for tonight. Supper is cooking in the convection oven in the RV so I better get the finishing touches completed.

Stay warm, all you folks up North.

Love Lena


cosmic said...

10 this morning with a wind chill of -1. That is cold for us in RI. Enjoy the warmth!!

Susan said...

Yeah, if you are in should be thankful. It was -21 today. It finally got up to 5 by this evening. First time its been above 0 for 80 some hours.

Anonymous said...

We had 17 below yesterday in Chicagoland. New Mexico is beautiful isn't it. Mike and I actually own 2 lots in New Mexico near the Mexican border. We inherited them and found out that out of 1000's of lots in this old ranch land...ours our two of about 10 that are in a flood zone. I knew it was too good to be true. Still...New Mexico is my choice for a winter retreat should we be blessed enough to retire some day. - BTW . this is blogger account won't work for some reason today.

Carolyn said...

I love the picture of Daisy snuggled up to Ole.

words-4-less said...

Finally starting to warm up here, girlie!!! Was five degrees ABOVE zero this morning on my way to work. Woot!!!! I love to paint. I am thinking I should do some painting myself soon. Want some CHANGE!! Like I need more, right? Enjoy the warmth!