Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Been a Long Day

We're in the midst of a heavy duty thunderstorm right now with quite a lightening show. We've also got a tornado watch going. I wonder what we ever did to deserve all this. All at one time.

Here's the latest batch of pictures taken about 5:30 tonight. This is looking down our driveway toward the highway. Yesterday I moved my car out of the yard and onto the shoulder of the road. This morning we had to move it to even higher ground as I think by tomorrow morning the water will be going over the highway.

Not only does the water create a mess but all the trash that floats in with is has to be cleaned up afterwards. Today someone's fuel oil barrel (you can see it by the edge of the trees) and an old oil barrel came floating in. And of course there's a residue of oil in both of them that's floating on top of the water.

Even though the water is icy cold the doggers don't hesitate to get wet.

Here's our poor little mail box out by the highway. I had to have our mail held because I knew we wouldn't be able to get to it for several days.

See all the trash floating in with the water? This is taken looking back towards our house from the water on the driveway. Our front yard is full of equipment - a lawnmower, Ole's little Ford tractor, a car trailer, Ole's white truck, the old 4-wheel drive truck and a boat tied up - just in case.

We made a trip out about noon today in the old truck and I think that might be our last until this is over unless there's an emergency of some sort because the water over the driveway gets pretty deep out by the highway.

Here's Ole and the doggers going around to the back yard to check things out. Ole had just tied our propane tank to a tree so that it won't float away. Lots of things to think about that you don't ordinarily think about.

Here's the other corner of the house. See all the water between the house and the shop? It now goes over the top of Ole's boots. He's got to get his hip waders out!!

Glub, glub, glub.
Love Lena