Monday, March 9, 2009

NO, I haven't learned Chinese Yet

I've decided that some of you who read my entries just aren't very nice people. And because of that I have decided to remove the previous entry entitled "Have you Learned Chinese Yet." Yes, I asked for comments because I'm always interested in other people's ideas and thoughts, but I didn't ask for personal attacks. In the short period of time that post was up I received exactly 17 private emails attacking me personally, and I just don't need that. Thank you to those of you who did comment on the article in a matter of fact way, whether you agreed with it or not. At least you commented on the ARTICLE and not on me.

Please, if you don't like me or what I write - quit reading. It's as simple as that. I don't quite understand what kind of enjoyment you must get out of calling people derogatory names who don't agree with your ideas. Isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion?

So, to those of you who feel the need to get nasty - you really need to get a life.



Carolyn said...

I think I must have missed that entry. Don't let the boo-hooers get you down. I love you and that's all that matters. {{HUG}}

Susan said...

What is wrong with these people and this world? Try to block them and just keep writing. I so enjoy you.

Meggie said...

Gosh, I missed the entry you speak of. They e-mailed you? Did they leave a comment in the comment section too? Yeah, I've noticed there are some really strange (as if I'm not) people out there in blog world. And I've even noticed there are some blogs where the comment section is just not available. One lady that I love to read ONLY wants e-mailed comments. I guess that way no one else on the web is privy to the mean, hateful comments she evidently receives. And she, from all appearances, seems to be normal as can be, fun to read, and a very nice person. I was sorry when she went to an "e-mail you comments only" because I love to read blogs and then the comments of what other people say and think about them. I don't always agree with everyone, but it's their blog and like you say, entitled to their opinions. -Megan-

Memaw's memories said...

I'm sorry someone was ugly to you. And I tend to agree. If you don't care for my writing, go read someone else's blog.

Carolyn said...

When you head back home, are you coming anywhere near me? I'd love to treat you, Ole and the doggers to dinner. Actually, the doggers would have to stay in the RV, because my little dogs are very naughty. But I'd make a treat for them!