Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Know you Live in Hell When - - -

The river seemed to stabilize last night about 9 p.m. just tenths of an inch from the forecast crest. Between 9 p.m. last night and 9 a.m. this morning it didn't move. Then it dropped about an inch in the last hour, easily told by the ice hanging in the trees.

Yes, I said ice. Not only do we have all this high water, but it started to snow last night about 11:30, continued through the night and is forecast to fall throughout the day today. At this point we have about 5 inches on the ground.

The Coast Guard arrived (Coast Guard in MN/ND???) in the area last night with air boats and has already been called to rescue 17 families south of Fargo on the banks of the Wild Rice River. There's bound to be more as the Red River is currently at 35 feet and is forecast to go to 42 feet (record high - 2 feet higher than 1997). Flood stage is considered 17 feet, so that's a lot of water flowing downstream into a river that flows north and floods on the beginning of the channel before the whole river is thawed and open. God did that one backwards I think.

SO FAR we're holding our own. Our well head went under several days ago, but I had the foresight to fill containers so we would have drinking water. We'll have to have the well chlorinated when the water level goes down. As of last night we were within a couple of inches of losing our septic system, but we lucked out there with the drop of an inch this morning. That gives us just a bit more breathing room. And we didn't get the freezing rain that was forecast so to this point we haven't lost our power, although our sump pump is running every three minutes to empty a 35 gallon sump hole.

A neighbor to the south of us called me yesterday wondering how we were doing. They had lost their place that morning. There was no water on the main floor, but they had no power, no water and no sewer system.

Just heard on the radio that another house was lost in the Oxbow area and the family had to be ferried out by the Coast Guard. I'm afraid that's going to be happening more and more as the water moves north.

Oh, and by the way, we've collected ANOTHER 55 gallon oil drum!!!

Love Lena


Susan said...

This just doesn't seen right. At least you are home to do what you have to do. Hope the electricity stays on for you and the pantry is full. God Bless. We have pictures in Florida every day of Fargo. I doubt your population will go up much this next year ;(

Meggie said...

And we thought we had it bad back in early February with the horrible ice storm that hit north Arkansas and Kentucky. I feel so bad for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Where's Lovely Daughter staying throughout all of this...seeing as how her place looks like it's floating!

Capitolady said...

I was living in Fargo in 97, and it crested at 46, I don't know where they are saying it was 44. :) It was quiet a mess. We were in an upstairs appt at the time so it wasn't bad for us.

Hang in there!

Marge said...

Again, thoughts and prayers.

But I can see from your playlist that you still have your sense of humor!

Take care, and do keep us informed. Be safe and be blessed.

StitchinByTheLake said...

So scary! I hope it goes down soon... blessings, marlene