Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New House - Possibly?

I'm so tired of cleaning up all the trash left after the flood. We're still raking and burning, although we couldn't today due to more RAIN!! Yes, that dirty word - RAIN!! Things were just beginning to dry out a bit so that you could walk on the grass without squishing. Now guess what - squish, squish, squish again. When will it ever end.

Ole promised me that I would NEVER have to go through another water ordeal again - ever. And since the Watershed Board won't allow us to build a dike because according to them it will only slide into the river - where do we go from here? Well, if it's up to me we'll sell this darn place to someone younger who has the energy to keep it up and buy something that's on high ground.

I NEVER thought I would get Ole to agree with that, but the other day he came home and told me about a guy he had run into that lives about 4 miles from here and has a setup that would almost suit our needs. The house is about the same age as ours, but has a swimming pool (which I wouldn't want) and a 4-stall garage, partially heated but unattached (darn) and a huge storage building for Ole to keep all his toys in. So we actually went to look at it today. The kitchen is butt ugly, but I like the layout. There would have to be some changes made to suit my needs - like moving walls, and stuff. Right now the laundry is in the basement and I would want it on the main floor. It's also got a huge family room with a gas fireplace (which we have and I wouldn't want to give up) and a three-season porch big enough for our hot tub. So there are a lot of pros, but also some cons that could get a bit costly.

I know what a mess remodeling is - been there done that with this house. So I don't know if I want to go through all of that at this point in my life. But just the fact that Ole has actually agreed to the idea of moving just blows me away!! I think he's tired of cleaning up this mess too. We've both got other things we'd rather be doing. Getting ready to take another trip is one of them. - but who knows if that will happen this spring with all the work that awaits us currently.

Well, enough complaining - I guess what is meant to be will happen.

Daisy and I and the two kitties are home alone tonight. Ole had a meeting to attend. Daisy is kind of anxious when Ole is gone - but she's getting better. She's slowly adapting. I gave her a big knuckle bone the other day and she immediately carried it out to the front yard, tossed it onto the grass and began barking at it. Then she rolled on it, got up and ran in circles around it, jumping just like a little puppy. Then she'd bark at it again and wash, rinse, repeat. It was so cute. I don't think I've ever seen her play like that even when she was a young dog, and she's eight now. When Beau was here she wouldn't ever chase the ball. Now she chases it, picks it up and places it at your feet to be thrown again. She is such a sweetheart and such a lady. She barks when someone comes, but when she's told to be quiet she stops. Beau on the other hand, has his "dog psychiatrist" appointment on Friday morning. He's a boy dog, you know, and there are always those young males who think they have to prove their manhood by being aggressive and assertive.

It's the old mello ones, like Ole, that are the keepers. Of course, it's us women who work hard all those years to make them that way - right?

Love, Lema


Marge said...


And I love the sounds of the house you looked at. A three season porch would be nice! I don't blame you for not wanting to go through another flood. And it sounds like Ole is tired of it too. Keep us informed!

Capitolady said...

I sure hope you can get to higher grounds. The major reason we bought our house on the hill was because of the 97 flood. Best wishes on that account.