Monday, June 8, 2009

Isn't this supposed to be June???

This is JUNE, People!! June is supposed to be summer - and that's snow falling on the ground and piling up on the streets. This is just a few miles west of where Ole and I live and that's too darn close for comfort.

Al Gore - would you please tell me where global warming is, anyway? You sure couldn't tell it by the weather we've had in Minnesota over the last year. It was 35 degrees when I got up on Sunday morning, and not much warmer than that this morning. I WISH for some global warming. I threatened to get Ole's mittens out this morning so his hands wouldn't get cold when he grabbed the steering wheel in the truck to go to town. But he said he was tough and could get along without them. I just hope he doesn't come home with frostbite on his fingers.

As Ole was putting his long-sleeved flannel shirt on this morning when he was getting dressed he made the remark that he may have to wear flannel shirts all summer this year.

A long time ago, I wrote about Ole's wardrobe. He's a pretty classy guy, you know. He wore a three-piece suit, white shirt and tie to work for 30 years. So when he retired the suits retired too. Now his uniform of the day is blue jeans, t-shirt and a flannel shirt. I can always tell when summer arrives here in Minnesota because he quits wearing his flannel shirt. Most years that's not until the 4th of July - so we've got a few weeks yet before that happens.

Ole grumbles about his flannel shirts. I don't buy expensive ones for him to wear out in the shop where they get all greasy and dirty and full of welding holes. I go to Wally World to buy his "Fashion Statements", and even though I'm able to buy Longs or Talls, he still thinks they're made for people whose arms end at their elbows. Ole's a big man - actually he tells people he's 5'14" - that explains why most of his flannel shirts look like they have three-quarter length sleeves. Fortunately the other part of his haute courtier wardrobe isn't as difficult to find - jeans and t-shirts.

I think we need to load the motorhome again and head south so we can bask in some warmer temperatures.

Love Lena


Paula said...

Yeah...Global Warming...what a hoax. BTW...did you read where the European Union Elections went by and large, conservative??? Looks like they're getting their sense back just when America is losing theres. OK..I'm gonna stop griping about my 50 degree win the bragging rights to coldest place on Earth.

harrietv said...

I think the world average is warmer, but I don't live in the whole world. I just live within sight of large areas of water. It is taking the water a long time to heat up this year -- because it rains so often. It takes a lot of sunlight to heat a cold marsh.

What is causing all that extra rain? There's a butterfly somewhere that has a lot to answer for!

Susan said...

BUT...90 degrees and sunshine after a 20 minutes rain sounds muggy to me! We've had a lot of that recently. Want to be in Montana by mid July, but I see they had snow this week also.

Capitolady said...

Boy I agree! I want some of that global warming! 2 years ago daughter was playing softball in over 100 degrees, and now we are all huddled together in the bleachers with 2 layers of cloths sweats and blankets.

NO FAIR!!! btw, my uniform of the day these days is sweats!