Friday, August 7, 2009

Bad to the Bone in Sturgis

Storms again this morning. Lots of lightening and thunder - so this is tending to get a bit on the old side, although my hip is holding us back from doing any long rides. We're hoping that we can get down to Keystone and the Needles Highway today - one of the more thrilling rides in the area. Traffic should be a bit on the lighter side today because a lot of riders/tenters left town yesterday due to the rain the last three nights.

Dave, Rocky & Tony took Tom to the airport yesterday. Tom wanted to leave here by 9 a.m. but due to the storms in the area he had to wait it out a bit. Tom is IFR qualified (instrument flight recognition) which means that he can fly by his instruments and doesn't need to see where he's going, but the Sturgis airport doesn't have the proper equipment so he had to wait for the ceiling to raise before he could take off. He finally got out of here at about noon and made it safely home in a couple of hours, although he had to deal with several big storm cells that he "wiggled through" up in the Dickinson/Bismarck area. He called us after he landed to thank us for the hospitality and to let us know that he was home safe. He's a fun guy.

So the night before he left the guys decided that Tom needed to "experience" the Full Throttle Saloon and took him over there for a couple of hours. You'll see the pictures in the video. But let me warn you - if nudity offends you (snicker) please don't watch the video. Tom told me to please make sure I send this one to his office and not to his home (chuckle). Good for blackmail in the future, I think.

The airport is out by the notorious Buffalo Chip campground, so when the guys took Tom to the airport late this morning they had to deal with all the exiting traffic from the Buffalo Chip. Seems that there's no grass or trees out at the Buffalo Chip, and after two nights and one day of rain it was just a wee bit on the muddy side. Most tenters and a lot of rigs packed up and decided to vacate the area. Some of them were stuck in the mud, and the bikes that were leaving the campground were covered with mud to the point that you couldn't tell what color they were. Because the guys were dealing with all the exiting traffic it took them two hours to go two miles from the airport to our campground.

So due to the traffic we decided to hang out in the campground again yesterday afternoon. It was horribly hot and terribly humid so the A/C in the campers felt pretty good. Jerry, who is a big farmer/rancher in SD brought along t-bone steaks So we gorged like gluttons AGAIN with an early supper (8 of us) and then decided to venture into town to people watch for awhile. There weren't many odd balls around last night so Karen and I decided to search out some ice cream and filled our stomachs even more. Oh, roll me over and poke me with a fork, okay?

I don't know if it was due to the large exit of so many folks yesterday or it was because the weather was a bit on the cool side - but there was just no one in town - very little traffic on the main street so we packed it up and rode on home. Don't forget, you can see what's going on on Main Street 24 hours a day by clicking on this link

Maybe you can catch a weirdo or two at some point in time.

Love Lena


Capitolady said...

I am just amazed at those girls. :) If I had a body like that and good body guard (maybe?)

Sorry the weather is so bad for you though.

Grandma Elsie said...

Hey I have something for you over at my blog if you want it. ( but don't try walking over OK )
My back is so tired i don't know just how much these shots are going to help this time.
How's that hip ?
Elsie <>,