Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Ya-Ya Sisterhood - We are Divine

The Ya-Ya's met again yesterday - and as usual we had a great time. We're a group of gals who grew up in the same little town, started grade school together in a 2-room school and went all the way through high school together. Needless to say, being from a small community and attending high school in the Big City 10 miles from where we lived, we had our own little click. Upon graduating we all kind of went our separate ways - some off to college - some got married right away and started a family, some moved away to bigger things, etc.

Years later after our families were grown and gone, those who had moved away moved back and some are now divorced or widowed. Several years ago one of the gals decided we should all get together for a good visit because it had been years, so she made the contacts and we've been meeting on a monthly basis ever since. Here's a picture of the Ya-Ya's. There's normally six of us, but unfortunately the day this picture was taken one of the gals was missing.

Back row left to right: Gail, Chris and me. Front row left to right: Carol and Barb. Barb is a twin, and the gal that's missing, Donna, was also a twin. Unfortunately, both of their twin sisters, Bev and Doreen, have passed on due to cancer. We all still miss them and they are discussed frequently during our gatherings.

Anyway, yesterday turned out to be a special day for the Ya-Ya's - and I didn't bring my camera to document the date (slaps self on hand.) You know that Ole, he can be kind of a sneaky fellow at times. And yesterday he was up to his usual tricks. Barb's mother, Grace, who is 84 years young, always sits in front of us at church. So last Sunday Ole asked Grace for a date!! I was busy in the back of the church and I noticed that they were visiting, but had no idea that they were cooking something up. I left to meet the Ya-Ya's at about 3:45 yesterday, and all day long Ole kept asking me, "What time are you leaving again?" I didn't think anything of it, but little did I know - - - he had a "date" to pick Grace up at 4 o'clock.

So Ole hops in his 1929 Model A Ford with a rumble seat, pulls into Grace's driveway, walks up to the door to escort her to the car and off they go. All of us gals are deep in conversation over margaritas with chips and salsa when in strolls Ole with Grace on his arm. What a wonderful fun surprise. I think Grace had a good time surprising us - I know Ole did.

We had such a good time with her - asking her all kinds of questions about when she was young and about her young married life. It was great. It's especially fun because all these moms knew all of us gals as kids. There are two other mothers still living and it would be so fun to get them involved at some point also because they won't be with us forever.

Thanks to all the Ya-Ya Sisters and Mother Grace for a great day. Then I had to leave to go to a church meeting. That was quite an accomplishment after consuming three margaritas!!!!

Love you all, Lena


Anonymous said...

That is the wonderful thing about rural communities. You will generally have life-long friendships with people you knew since you were a young child. I went to a one room rural school in Iowa. I was the only one in my class and had only teacher from first grade through eighth grade. We have a reunion party every year. Generally there will be about 20 of us--not bad since there probably was not more than 15 of us in school at the same time. Amazingly, everyone has been extremely successful in life without any one becoming a farmer as our parents were. I love the idea of your Ya-Ya gathering. That sounds as if it would be German or Scandinavian--or maybe both? In my case it was 100% Norwegian and our teacher constantly had to remind us to say yes--not ya. Uff Da, as my mother used to say.

Marge said...

I am going to move up by you and join your Ya-Ya club! You sound like you have so much fun!

My school was smaller than your school! I went to a one room grade school, down in Iowa like your first commenter! There were three of us through the eighth grade. Oh, how I loved that little school and my friends. We're too spread apart to have a in Wisconsin, one still in Iowa, and me here in Minnesota. So I think the best thing would be to just join your group!

Love your stories!
and love you,