Monday, July 26, 2010

Really time for an update

It's truly time for an update - sorry, Gang. I've been really lax so I deserve 20 lashes with a piece of lutefisk. Who volunteers?

Ole is doing so much better - just thought you would like to know that. He had a follow-up appointment with the infectious disease doc on Monday the 19th, and because the doc thought he still may have a bit of infection left in his leg he extended the consumption of Zyvox for another two weeks. Otherwise he thought Ole was doing very well and told him he could start riding his Harley again. This, of course, made Ole feel REALLY good - got to get in practice for the trip to Sturgis and the motorcycle rally. Seriously, the doc thought the movement and the riding would be good for the circulation in his leg and to help keep up the muscle strength.

Within days of the extension of the Zyvox the pain left his leg and he hasn't had to have one of those horrible pain pills for about five days. This is definitely a good sign because that means the infection has left the leg muscle. Unfortunately, the antibiotic is raising heck with his stomach - causing it to be sore and rolly - even though I make him eat things like yogurt and cheese and things that will coat his stomach a bit before he takes the meds. Neither of us want him to go off the Zyvox until the second 14 days are up for fear of the infection coming back. The sore tummy for a few more days is well worth the security of not getting MRSA back.

Yes - the final lab reports came back and that's what he had - MRSA. Go back and read my previous entry if you want details. It was ugly. I'm glad it's over and that he's on the mend.

Anyway - on to other things.

We had to be in town this morning by 11 o'clock. Drove out our driveway and this is what we found!!

How do we get out onto the highway? We had to drive through the ditch and then go straight up the side of the ditch and over a big dirt windrow. Good thing we had 4-wheel drive.

The highway in front of our house has been beaten to pieces over the years by all the big semis that travel down it to avoid the scales on the interstate. It was getting to the point of being dangerous to drive on it because it was so broken up. You didn't dare take a motorcycle over it due to the large holes, etc. So it's finally getting fixed but it will take until the end of October. That's a long time to deal with this kind of road construction.
Hopefully we'll be able to get the motorhome out next week when we want to take off.
Love you all,


Marge said...

Glad you finally posted! And really glad to hear Ole is doing better. I'll bet he was really wondering if he'd be able to do Sturgis this year! Are you taking off next week? How long do you stay?

We leave our park next Sunday. Then we'll hang around home for awhile. Maybe head for the North Shore in September for a week or so.

Hope you guys have fun, but be careful!!!

harrietv said...

Have you ever heard of natural capsule called acidophilus? Many folks I know used it regularly whenever antibiotics were prescribed because it offset the gastric side effects. Unfortunately, you probably can't ask your doctor because doctors don't believe in non-prescription meds.

Memaw's memories said...

So glad to hear Ole is doing better. I know you are looking forward to your trip on the bike.

As for the purple hull peas, you can make this jelly out of any type of pea hulls. If you google pea hull jelly, it will tell you about the different types of peas and the flavor of each.

I could send you my pea hulls when I have more in the next few weeks.

Carolyn said...

I've started my new blog. It's I hope to get caught up with my reading too. Take care!