Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Day

Another day of heat and high humidity- but we'll just tough it out and enjoy the Black Hills area. It's so beautiful and smells so fresh.

So we started out this morning making the climb up the grade to Deadwood where we had lunch at the VFW. Then it was over to Main Street for some shopping. I was done but Karen had a couple more items she wanted. All I wanted was a new battery for my watch that kept stopping. I went to every jewelry store on Main Street and none of them "did batteries." I wonder what the people in Deadwood do when their battery operated watches die? Good grief. So I decided I really didn't need to know what time it was anyway because I had nowhere to be at any specific time. That's the one good thing about being on a true vacation.

So as we headed back to the bikes we rounded a corner off the beaten track and there was a jewelry store - that "did batteries!" The jeweler brought out a chair for me to sit down and "rest my toosties" as he put it, and cool off. He offered me a bottle of water and then proceeded to change my battery. He was done in a flash and wished us well and to stay safe. All this for a $6 watch battery. I guess there are still some wonderful business people in this world who take pride in their customer service.

Then it was on down Highway 385 south - to Nemo Road, Vanocker Canyon and some beautiful scenery and wildlife.

It's hot and humid here again today so it was nice to get out of town and up into the cooler elevations.
Below is a picture of one of the many motorcycle parking lots in Deadwood. There are just a few bikes in town.

Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to report - but the peace and quiet is wonderful.
Love Lena


Marge said...

Thanks for more great photos! We also love the Hills area. It is so beautiful and least it's normally peaceful! With all those bikes in town I guess the peace isn't quite so evident! Keep having fun and keep on blogging!

Memaw's memories said...

So glad you are enjoying the time away. The pictures are great. Looks like you have a lot of company.