Wednesday, August 11, 2010

People of Sturgis

Here's a few of the "oddities" that we've seen over the last few days. Enjoy!!


Memaw's memories said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast.

I have a friend who is a biker that I'd like to send this video to. Is there a way for me to do that?

I know he'd just drool.

Marge said...

Thanks for sharing! You and Ole do keep your clothes on when you're on the bike, don't you? Have fun and keep on posting!

Lena . . . said...

Oh,Marge, there's enough ugliness in the world without Ole and I riding around in the nude!! The interesting thing is that MOST of the people who run around in various stages of undress should really put their clothing back on. But I guess some folks just like to make spectacles of themselves.