Saturday, August 7, 2010

Things are running more smoothly now

Things finally straightened out yesterday once we got the power back on. There were no more leaks or floods to wipe up after and we knew that the A/C would run to keep the pets cool while we were gone.

Spent a couple of hours on main street yesterday. Here's a picture I got that's rather unique. Note the mouse on top of the cat on top of the sleeping dog.

I wonder how much training this took!!

Also, here's one of Daisy doing her job guarding the campsite. She's taken on the responsibility of announcing everyone that comes to our campsite, and once they're there, it's her job to protect them from any intruders.

Ole takes her on long walks twice a day and everyone is so enthralled with her and wants to meet her. She's been a perfect lady and is very gracious about meeting strangers. She's a wonderful traveler - we've traveled with her previously but have always had Beau along (the other shepherd currently living with Lovely Daughter). But this is her first time to Sturgis and we were a bit concerned how she would deal with all the noise and traffic. So far she's proven to be very adaptable.

We're headed for a ride down Spearfish Canyon this afternoon. More later

Love Lena

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