Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day

It's over!! It's all over now but the recounts!! So I guess we'll have to sit through those for the next several weeks/months. Isn't it awful that there are people in this country that will go to any means to get the outcome that they want? Even our precious freedom of being able to vote has been corrupted.

I'm SO proud of some of the people in the State of Minnesota - NOT!! There are allegations of groups of mentally disabled people being brought to vote and being instructed in not only how to vote but who to vote for. Shame, shame. Why can't we just have an honest election once without all the 'hanging chads' (issues) that seem to always be attached. It's times like these that my faith in mankind just totally goes down the toilet.

Well, now that I've had my say about that - on to more fun things.

I must admit that Ole and I are very lazy morning people. We rarely get out of bed before it's light (don't forget to change your clocks back Sat. night), and then spend some time sitting in the living room with a cup or two of coffee looking out the bay window at our deck and all the entertainment that's there in the mornings.

I've really outdone myself on bird feeders this year - I have four quite large feeders hanging off the edge of the deck with a few special feeders just for the squirrels. Believe me, there are mornings that there is extremely heavy traffic out there. Living by the river we've got a ton of squirrels that come to visit on a daily basis. Big gray squirrels, little red squirrels and fox squirrels. The fox squirrels are by far the prettiest with their huge fluffy tails and have a much more mild personality than the grays or the reds. They all squabble and fight over the sunflower seeds and the corn and then the blue jays come dive bombing in and scare everything away.

This year I bought a squngee to attach corn cobs to. It's kind of like bungee jumping for the squirrels. There's a long spring covered by some nylon fabric with hooks on each end and when the squirrel grabs the ear of corn the spring goes into action. It's amazing what acrobats the squirrels are and how well they can hang on and eat at the same time.

The squirrels keep Senior Citizen Simon and Lucy (two kitties) well entertained every day, but Daisy (German Shepherd) barely pays any attention to them anymore. She knows she's too old to catch them anymore so just puts her head on Ole's feet and takes her morning nap.

I'm so proud of myself - I finished all my outside work, getting everything put away and ready for winter. The beginning of the week I finished washing all my windows and I only have one that I have to go back and redo because of the streaks. Amazing what you see when the sun shines through them. So this afternoon I'm going to start shoveling out my sewing room so that I can get down to some serious quilting. I haven't really had an opportunity to do any sewing of any kind since my hip replacement a year ago. Unfortunately my sewing room has kind of become a catch-all for all kinds of stuff and today is 'S-O Day' - shovel out day.

The sun is shining here and it's 39 degrees - that may not sound warm to many of you, but for a November day in Minnesota it's beautiful. And there's no snow on the ground - YET!!

Love you all, Lena


Anonymous said...

Yes, Lena, it is sad that the voting process has been corrupted. I always thought that 'pure and clean' Minnesota would be immune but they proved they were among the worst two years ago with the Al Franken 'episode.'

I loved your hanging squirrel photo. I love to see those little creatures play and work. They do play havoc with bird seed though.

Susan said...

Keep feeding those squirrels. They will entertain you all winter. We can only do what our gut tells us regarding who to vote for. What man forgets, so often, is that it is all in Gods hands. He has a plan and we just need to be patient.

Marge said...

I'm still in the midst of my moving things from here to there to make room where there is none. The sewing room is the last one to get finished, and I should get that done tomorrow. What a mess! Sounds like you'll be done before I will!

The election stuff gets worse every year. And I'm so tired of it that I almost didn't vote this year! I just wish someone would tell me what they plan to do instead of spending their time badmouthing the opposition.

Isn't our weather great! Love October and November when it's like this year has been!

* said...

I made it over here from Road Sage's blog. I saw your comment about lefsa. Can you tell me where you order it from? I love lefsa!!! My sister in GA would love to share some with me. Thank you!