Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rooster Juice

About a week ago I had my one year exam and x-ray for my hip surgery. I can't believe it's been a whole year - well, it will be on December 3rd. I passed with flying colors. Doc said everything had healed perfectly, and I reported that there were a lot of things I could do now that I haven't been able to do for a number of years due to pain. Like ride on the back of the Harley - if you've ever ridden on the back of a bike you know that you have to wrap your knees around the driver's backside, and that hurt due to the angle that my hips had to be at. No more though. Now I can go longer on the back of the bike than Ole can in the driver's seat. He got to get off and rejuvenate long before I do!!

BUT - for some reason he x-rayed my knee also and I sure didn't pass there. Way back in 1984 I crash landed in a hot air balloon and broke my kneecap into three pieces. It was wired back together and the wire is still there. It was never removed. As the years have gone on that knee has become more and more painful and I've favored that leg a lot. As a result it's all worn out. It's bone on bone. Not fun. So Doc told me I need to have it replaced - AACCKK! Not another winter of recuperation - PLEASE! So he offered me an alternative. He suggested we try 'Rooster Juice' - at least that's what he called it. It's a lubricant made from the combs of roosters. He told me that some people get great relief and some people get none at all. I thought it was worth a try - after all, if it doesn't work I'm only out a poke with a couple of needles.

Well, Folks - so far it's working. Do I hear all of you cheering - I believe I do. I'm a bit stiff in the mornings but after a few minutes I'm moving along just great. It's so wonderful to take a step and not have pain issues. I suppose a knee replacement is inevitable at some point, but I'm not going to think about that now. I'm just going to enjoy what I have.

Ole and I had to go to Walmart last night. As we were headed for the electronics aisle (always have to check that out, you know), I was walking fast enough to be way ahead of Ole. When he caught up with me he was amazed. He said he was walking at his normal slow pace that I could barely keep up with before, and now I was just chugging along as though I was in the Great Race.

I had the Rooster Juice injection about 5 days ago, and I'm also amazed at how much more energy I have developed in these last 5 days. But you all know that when you hurt all the time it really wears you out. My insurance company dictates that I can't have another injection for 6 months, so hopefully this will last that long.

So on my agenda today: Earlier this fall I hauled my potted plants from outside into our 3-season room. When I woke up this morning the temperature in that room was 31 degrees, and it was 13 degrees outside. Time to haul those babies into the heated garage for the winter. But of course, nothing can ever go according to plan and just get done - I just had to drop one of them and spill dirt all over. Fortunately the pot needed watering so I just had to clean up dry dirt, not mud. So those babies are all put away nice and snug under a grow light in a heated garage for the winter.

Then it was time to go into the kitchen and get busy. So far I've completed a double batch of party mix, one batch of chocolate fudge with another batch of peanut butter fudge in the works. There is also a batch of no-bake fudge cookies sitting on the counter. So the baking has begun. Neither Ole nor I need all the holiday goodies, but I like to give them away. Lovely Daughter loves party mix and Lars is addicted to anything chocolate so he really snarfs down the fudge. They're both so young yet that they wear the calories nicely.

All for now, Folks. The beeper on my oven is going off so that means there's something that needs to be taken out.

Love you all, Lena

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Marge said...

Whohoo! The yearly hip Xray was good! I'm glad, as I know you didn't have a good winter last year. Now I just hope the rooster juice works on the knee. And I can sympathize with the morning pain. I have fibromyalgia, and the first hour in the morning is excruciating! It does get better as the morning goes along though.

You spend the day in the kitchen baking. I'm in the kitchen making a huge pot of vegetable beef barley soup. I always make a gigantic pot so we can eat off it for awhile, and I don't have to cook!

And it's getting colder here too, although it hasn't gotten to 13 yet. Teens tomorrow morning though they say. It's here!