Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Night the Music Died

Ole and I, along with six other friends, went to the best concert last Thursday night. I'm sure you all remember Buddy Holly, Richie Valans, the Big Bopper and Roy Orbison? How about Bobby Vee and the Shadows? Well, maybe not ALL of you but those of you who are a product of the 50s and 60s music know those names well.

You would also be acquainted with the Night the Music Died - February 3, 1959. That's the night that Buddy Holly's plane crashed on it's way to Moorhead, Minnesota to put on a concert in the armory for all the teeny-boppers. That's the night that Bobby Vee got his start because he and his band had to fill in the space that was left by the deaths of Buddy, Richie and the Big Bopper.

Left to right are Dick Dunkirk, Bobby Vee, Ward Dunkirk and Bob Korum

Bobby Vee was only 15 years old at the time, and was a neighbor of Ole's. They grew up just a few houses apart in north Moorhead. Ole says he remembers him as being rather "nerdy" because he drove around in a station wagon all the time. But I guess that was a good vehicle to be hauling all your instruments around in.

Anyway, back to the concert on Thursday night. Two of the original members of Bobby Vee's band were on stage - the bass guitarist and the drummer. There were impersonators for Richie Valans, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. Buddy Holly was excellent but the one that really stole the show was the guy who did Roy Orbison. His voice was astounding - it was powerful and he could hit all those high notes that Roy did. It just made the hair stand up on your arms, if you know what I mean. The music brought back so many memories for all of us as all four of us couples were dating back during the time all those songs were popular.

The concert lasted two hours and wasn't nearly long enough. You can imagine all those gray-haired attendees dancing in the aisles, clapping to the music and standing in their seats singing along. I didn't know "we" had it in us anymore!!

Dreaming of days gone by, Love Lena


Anonymous said...

I loved it. I think that I listened to popular music only until the 70s. Nothing can beat the 50s and 60s for super popular music.

Susan said...

Lena, they died on my 14th birthday. I never forgot it. What a waste. Would have LOVED to have been in the audience with you last week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, and the memories. Would have loved to go to that concert. I'm younger than you but I've loved the music since I was eight. :-) Mel

~ Sil in Corea said...

I remember the next school day at our little high school was like a wake; there were no grief counselors in those days. Our teachers were understanding about all the tears and somber looks.

Paula - 54 said...

Hi there....been a while since I've been by reading...not online much anymore but at least I'm posting weekly again...hoping to make it daily again. I miss you all. I am a couple years too young to remember the musicians you write about first hand but my husband is 5 years older and he remembers quite well. I enjoy them through his memories.

Marge said...

The other night, in Clovis NM, we were visiting with a young man from our church back home. He pulled out a CD and said he had just gotten a CD we might like. He said it was one of the "local boys." (Lubbock Texas is local to Clovis, I guess!) And he started playing his new Buddy Holly CD! Over fifty years later the kids are still loving Buddy Holly!

And the day the music died plane crash took place very close to where we live! I remember the day!