Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jane runs for office

Ole and I stopped over at Bob & Carol's house one night last week just for a little visit. Bob has been Vice Mayor of our little town for the past eight years, which also makes him a member of the city council.

When we walked in the door Bob was distraught and made the announcement to us that Jane had decided to run for one of the open seats on the council. No one else was running for this position, and Jane had waited long enough to announce her candidacy that she would have to be a write-in. Apparently Jane thought she would be a shoe-in being no one else had declared, so the weekend prior to the election she sent out an email to a big long list of folks declaring her position.

Well, the other members of the city council were quite upset that Jane was running and were looking for alternatives, but didn't want Jane to know they would do anything to keep her out of the council seat. So they asked Ole to approach Pastor Mark from our church to consider being a write-in candidate and he agreed.

So last Friday night, Halloween, there was a costume party down at the Local Watering Hole along with karaoke, which Jane NEVER misses. Ole and I didn't go down, but heard from someone who was there that Jane was busy campaigning and schmoozing that night. One of her methods of schmoozing was to lift her shirt and let Mikey and Stevie hang out (44DD)!! Also, I guess her costume was that of a "horny old lady" - at least that's what her t-shirt said and what she was busy telling everybody. I'm sure that must have impressed a lot of local citizens.

Anyway, Jane used to be the city clerk and recently resigned from that position so that she could run for the council seat. When she sent the email out she stated that she felt it would be beneficial to the city for her to be on the council so she could be close at hand to help out the new clerk. Bob's response to that was, "Yeah, now she thinks she'll be running the council AND the clerk's position. Control issues, you know."

So election day arrived, and even though Jane was not in charge of any aspect of voting, she made sure she was down at the election hall for the better part of the day, and especially in the evening when the majority of the voters came in. I understand she didn't say anything to anyone, but just the fact that she made her presence known was a reminder that the public should vote for her.

Meanwhile, Pastor Mark was busy behind the scenes and had canvassed the village several days ahead by knocking on doors, etc., unbeknown to Jane. When all was said and done and the ballots were counted, there were a number of single name write-ins, but Pastor Mark beat Jane by a long shot. Bob and the rest of the existing council were ecstatic.

Poor Jane doesn't have as many friends as she thought she did. Boo Hoo.


Anonymous said...

Good golly. This is quite a relief! Even way down here I'd hate to know that Jane would be in charge of anything! Yay!

by the way - I will update all of my links when the fluff goes away. You're silly. I heart you.

Anonymous said...

purple chai/oldewoman

I think my 38 DDDs make me look like a circus freak, so I'm guessing her costume should have just been called "pathetic."

Calthea said...

Is it bad for me to say that she got what she deserved? Hopefully she won't try to get her old position back.

Shear said...

Thank goodness Ole convinced Pastor Mark!!!! I'm so glad Jane the pain got some come-uppance.

Carolyn said...

THAT is the Jane story I've been waiting for! I read this entry while holding my breath. I finally sighed with relief at the last paragraph.
Good for Ole for talking to Pastor Mark. And God Bless Pastor Mark for taking her on. Every once in a while...good prevails!

Jean said...

Hah! The small town stuff is so much fun! Maybe that's why Sarah Palin was so amusing to watch - very small-townish.

Less the 44DDs.