Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okay, People, Knock it off right now!!

Just in case you didn't know it, the election was over FIVE DAYS AGO!! I think we've all had more than enough time to say our piece and make our point. Mine doesn't happen to agree with everyone else's, but isn't that the point of the United States of America? Freedom of speech? Isnt' that the First Amendment? I think I remember hearing that somewhere.

And also - I remember reading many blogger's entries standing up for the right to write what you want in your blog. After all, it's YOUR blog. But somehow I'm finding that statement only seems to go one way.

I wrote an entry several days ago stating my opinion regarding the outcome of the election. Throughout the majority of the campaign I rarely mentioned politics or my political viewpoint in my blog for fear of offending those whose opinions didn't match mine. When I finally did explain my viewpoint I got several comments (thank you, Bloggers) nicely and diplomatically written.

But the ones who really BUG THE H**LL OUT OF ME are the ones who have commented and continue to comment through private email reading me the riot act for being so stupid, for being a war monger (which I most certainly am not) and calling me a racist (which I most certainly am not) among a lot of other negative names, etc., etc., etc. . . . You get the idea. What's the problem, You People, are you to scared to put your opinion and your nasty comments to me / about me out there in my comments section so the world can see what you're really like? You want to hide the fact that you're judgmental and full of criticism, mean and just darn nasty? You don't want to show the world that your philosophy only goes one direction? Yours. You can write what you want in your blog, but God forbid that someone else explain their position. GET OFF MY BACK, the several of you who are doing this!

Let me warn you, all of you, because I have received more than one of these emails, and several from one person, the next email that I receive along those lines is going to be copied and pasted right here into my blog so the whole world can see what you're really like. Some time ago I figured out what you were really like and chose to cut all communications with you, but obviously you've had a lot of bloggers fooled for quite some time, but not me!!



Anonymous said...

Here here!!! Good for you....Yes...the best thing to do is to post the nasty comments in your blog....those who disagree but are able to say so in a diplomatic way are patriotic Americans who are furthering the dialogue we must have as Americans...those who spout hate are just mirroring their own hatred. You know....I have decided to blog again..even it if is sporadic. In about 10 minutes, I will have a website I started and didn't know what to do with up and running with some of the things I have writen....please go to

This will be my new political statement blog. Thanks for you nice comments about my writings....I am NEVER going to remain politically silent again.

Lena . . . said...

Three cheers for you, Paula. I, too, am tired of keeping my mouth shut because I might "offend" someone but yet getting beaten with a bat when I express MY opinion.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say "Ditto that" regarding both Paula's and Lena's comments. I'm not very articulate with this flu, so I'm glad others've come up with words with which I can agree. I keep trying to come up with my own words, and end up erasing them. Mel

Anonymous said...

You need me to go hurt some people for you. Afterall, I am a democrat and I believe in mandatory abortions for everyone. Who needs the first one? I got you covered!!!

Or you can just copy and paste the e-mails. Save me some time for drinking.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your treatment, but I know what you mean. If you write things that are right leaning you become a punching bag around here.

Carolyn said...

I am continually amazed when people are sore winners. Being a sore loser...I can almost understand that. What is it in some people's make up that causes them to NEED to beat everyone into submission and agree with their opinions?

I have a co-worker who, before the election, was inundating me with "information" to change my vote. I tried to ignore him until he crossed the line and said "Are you voting for McCain because you're one of those crazies who thinks Obama is the antichrist?" The entire office fell silent. I just smiled and told him "Let me re-read the Book of Revelations tonight and I'll get back to you." Putz!

Hang in there. As I've said before...stupid people WILL act stupidly. They can't seem to help it.

words-4-less said...

People need to relax a little bit. Just because you don't agree with someone, it doesn't mean they are stupid. We need to learn to celebrate our differences instead of critizing them. What would the world be like if everyone was the same? Pretty damn boring, I say. And how would we ever get a change to learn from each other? Lena, you have a kind soul and while I don't necessarily agree with everything you say politically (but it's pretty damn close!!), I still love ya!!!! Let the hate mongers be. They will be judged in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I came to read and I did. I don't know what all the turmoil is about concerning other blogs but I haven't read anything bad in either your blogs or theirs...
I can also assure you that nothing bad was said in Tombstone that would be upsetting to fact I had to ask what flame wars wee but I didn't understand it at all.
sorry that the misunderstandings are still there but I hope you continue to enjoy blogging and things stop being hurtful to anyone. Just my humble opinion...and I will go away now.