Monday, November 10, 2008

A Tale to be Retold

You know, during the last year I have gone an entirely different direction from the original intent of this blog. I started writing The Adventures of Ole and Lena on Diaryland back in July of 2006. I then moved their adventures to Blogspot, and in August of 2008 due to a flame war I decided to close up shop. Because of the encouragement of many of my on-line friends I reopened later under the name of Tales from Frostbite Falls.

But somewhere along the line I lost my way, and my blog, at least to me, doesn’t seem fun anymore. I originally intended it to be light hearted and entertaining, but reading through some of my entries over the past months I note that they have become somewhat on the darker side. They just don’t have all the “stuff” in them anymore that educates all you people about who Ole and Lena are, what they stand for and how their thought processes operate (now THAT could be a real challenge) and why. And you probably don’t have a clue what the word “uffda” means either, do you?

Now many of you who don’t live in the upper Midwest probably don’t have a clue about Ole and Lena. So let me tell you:

Ole and Lena are the generics for all the folks that emigrated from the ScandiHOOvian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark) and settled in the upper Midwest, along with their descendants. Along with them they brought a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves. After all, if you lived this far north you have to have a sense of humor in order to stay sane during the long, dark, cold winter months, and to battle the mosquitoes in the summer that are the size of B52 bombers. If you grew up in a ScandiHOOvian household you probably have a very strong sense of fairness and social equality, and attempts to appear to elevate oneself or claim to be better or smarter than others was strongly frowned upon. Thus all the Ole and Lena jokes full of self-effacing humor.

Ole and Lena jokes can be long and drawn-out stories. If you’ve read me very long you know that my entries can go on and on (snicker), right? In the jokes Lena (that’s me) is typically the smarter of the two, and I’m real good at explaining to Ole where he went wrong in his Adventures.

Now Ole and I fit right in to these stories – I’m Norwegian and Swedish, Ole is Finnish and German (so no wonder I’m smarter than he is - he's only HALF ScandiHOOvian)! So that makes Lovely Daughter quite a mixture. Fortunately she got my smarts and Ole’s good looks. And then there’s Lovely Daughter’s husband, Lars. He’s all German, so we try not to pick on him too much!

Anyway, it’s time to get back to the “educational” aspects of this blog and fill you in on the Adventures of Ole and Lena through the Tales from Frostbite Falls.
See ya tomorrow, okay?
Love Lena


words-4-less said...

You talk SLOWLY to Lars, right, since he is German? LOL!! I can say that because I am a quarter German. However, my Norwegian have overridden that deficit!!

Anonymous said...

Being mostly scandiHOOvian, I love the refresher courses!

What we need from you, your reading fans, are tales of how you and Ole made krumkakke and sandbakkels (spelling aside) and lefse and then sent batches to me for quality control.

Yep. That's what we need.

We also need hand delivery of Ole's Potent Booze! When can I expect you?