Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Don't Know What to Title This!

I have decided to let things rest. I haven’t received any negative emails since my previous posting. I guess I scared them, huh? Nobody wants to be exposed. K-Lo, I’ll answer your “questions” in an email at a later time – depending on what happens. Yankee Chick posted a negative entry re: me. Although I know you don’t read her anymore, she’s being quite vindictive and you may want to “chance” looking at her stuff even though you know you’ll be “caught.”

Isn’t it terrible – that you have to be so CAREFUL on a blog reading what/who you thought were your friends at one point in time?

Let’s see – what’s happened since my last post:

I went back and looked at what’s happened since my “fun” entries. I hate the political/negative entries that have happened since then, so let’s forget them and go on with the world, okay?

Well, this is slightly political, well, no, a lot politician. Jane demanded a recount on the election ballots. She couldn’t believe that she lost. When the county auditor came out and recounted the votes Jane lost 38 to 10. The recounted votes took into account “voter intent” rather than just whether the voters tried to get things in the right place or not. Apparently this is the type of thing that’s going on in all the recounts nationwide. Anyway, Jane lost by a landslide in our little village terms. Hurrah!! Three cheers and all that stuff.

In another thought - I’m having Lovely Daughter problems again. Still. Again. I truly need to know what I’m doing wrong if anything. But I can’t write about it tonight as I will tear up to the point where I won’t be able to read the monitor. I’ll try to write tomorrow when I may be able to see through the tears.

Enough for tonight – it’s time for jammies and my cuddly kitties.

Love you all, even if you’re not conservative.


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