Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flash Flood!!

It rained all day yesterday. Hard. And the wind blew too. So it didn't take long and all the little gullies in the desert were running full of water. Some of them weren't so little either.

Bruno, Big Brother's dog gets chilly very easily because he doesn't have much fur. So Big Brother took pity on him, let him jump up on the davenport and covered him up where he slept the afternoon away. Man, can that dog snore - loud.

Here's a shot of our "camp" taken from my front door. That's Big Brother's old rig on the left and his new one on the right. It wasn't very pleasant trying to move from one rig to another in all that rain and wind. I think we'll be able to finish up by today.

I had to play gopher yesterday and run to town for parts during the heaviest of the rain storm. It's five miles to town and when I went into town the highway was fine. By the time I was headed home again, about a half hour later, there was water over the road in places, some of them deep enough to reach the bumper of my car. I'm sure there's water in the gulches this morning.
The sun is trying to shine this morning and it looks clear to the west. I hope it stays that way.

Lucy (my kitty) disappeared last night. When she didn't show up when I went to bed last night I really didn't think anything of it assuming that she had crawled into a corner somewhere to curl up and sleep. But when I woke up this morning and realized that she hadn't come up on the bed at all last night I began to worry that she had gotten outside somehow. She generally doesn't show too much interest in getting out, but loves to at least look out the door. After walking the doggers this morning I came back inside and called for her. After a bit I heard a very weak, pitiful meow and realized that she was inside somewhere, probably in a cupboard or closest. When I traced down the meow and opened the closest door there she was curled up on the jeans that I had stacked on the shelf. She was, of course, none the worse for wear but happy to get out where she went immediately to get a drink of water, then to her litter box and next to her food dish.

Now those darn doggers have learned a new trick too. And I'm blaming Ole for it - and I'm not happy about it. About 7:30 every morning they come to my side of the bed poking and whining because they've learned that Ole doesn't hear them and is good at ignoring them. The agreement was when I agreed to let the doggers come along on this trip that HE would be the one that would be getting up with them in the mornings and taking them out for their last walk at night. Well, the last walk at night is still his, but somehow that first one in the morning has kind of slipped from his supervision. Most mornings they will wake me and when I get up to put on sweats and a jacket they immediately hop in bed and take up MY space!! What a trick - wake me - make me get up and then jump up on the bed so there's no room for me to get back in. Well, this morning I fooled them all right. They were going out whether they truly wanted to or not. If I have to get up and go out and get cold - so do they, darn it. We'll have no more of this monkey business on my watch!

Well, Happy Snowstorm to those of you back home!!

Love Lena


Carolyn said...

I'm so glad you found Lucy. Our cats are constantly getting locked in closets too.
When the kids were little, we had a black lab named Bud. Every morning after Bill got out of bed, he'd crawl in next to me.
Have fun, and be safe!

Paula said...

I got worried when you first said Lucy disappeared...glad to know she was actually there. We have temps in the 50's (temporarily) in Chicagoland...supposed to be in the 60's won't last...I'd rather be where you are.

Capitolady said...

So glad Lucy was just hiding. Hershey gets stuck in daughter's room all the time when the door shuts on her accidentally.

Bad Ole for not getting up to put the doggers out!