Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The End of the Rainbow

It's been raining for the last couple of days - don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining because it's much better than snow. But then I understand it's been raining at home too (Minnesota). Rain in February in Minnesota. Makes for lots of ice. But we don't have to deal with that in the middle of the desert, do we?

I caught this as the rain clouds were moving out of the area last night. I thought the colors and the cloud formations were gorgeous.

And then I caught this!! Couldn't find the pot of gold though - darn. I thought the difference in the color of the sky was quite interesting inside and outside the rainbow.

We took our RV into town to get the generator fixed yesterday. Remember, I told you that the generator had quit genning (making electricity). Ole and Big Brother had spent several hours working on it on Friday but couldn't figure out what was wrong. That's unusual for the two of them not to get things figured out. After all, Big Brother used to be a "rocket scientist" and Ole spent 30 years in electronics. But they finally gave in and we took it to a generator guy in town who had things figured out and fixed within 15 minutes!! And not for a lot of $$$$ either. Just a simple thing that the guys had missed. So that was a big "whew"!

While we were at the generator place we met a guy who worked at the place during the winters. He was from a town about 30 miles from where Ole and I live. He and his wife have comedown here every winter to work for years, he on RVs and she as a waitress. They have a 5th wheel parked right in town.

We had the doggers in the RV of course, Beau sitting in the driver's seat and Daisy in the passenger seat, as usual. (Driving Miss Daisy, you know.) He commented on the dogs and asked if we had run into any coyotes being we were camping out in the desert. I told him that we had but to this point they hadn't caused any problems. He told me the story of his next door neighbor's little dog that had to go out during the night a few nights ago. A coyote came right into town, snatched the little dog and had lunch. Coyotes are very smart - there's a reason Wiley Coyote was named such. You remember him on the Road Runner cartoon series, don't you? I understand the coyotes biggest trick around here is to hide under your rig if they know you have a dog, wait for you to put your dogger out whether tied up or not, and jump out from under the rig and snatch the dog.

I told him I didn't think the coyote would have much of chance with two German Shepherds and a Plott Hound bred to hunt bear and wild pigs. But he said in that case they lure the dogs away from the rig out into the desert where a pack of coyotes attack and do their thing. Good thing these dogs don't get outside at night unless Ole is with them.

Ole and Big Brother are going to finish installing the generator in his new rig today and then tomorrow I think we'll pull out and head for Vegas.

All for now,

Love Lena


Anonymous said...

Those coyotes are fierce! They could woo Ole to join their pack!!!

It was almost 50 degrees out yesterday. I sat on the patio, in front of my new melted ice pond!

Anonymous said...

Those coyotes are fierce! They could woo Ole to join their pack!!!

It was almost 50 degrees out yesterday. I sat on the patio, in front of my new melted ice pond!

Anonymous said...


Capitolady said...

THE most frightening sound in the world is those Coyotes! SCARRY!

I prefer the gentle woofs of the local pack as the garbage truck visits. :)

Paula said...

We have coyotes in suburban chicagoland...I think one ate my cat. You are in my favorite part of the universe.

Memaw's memories said...

Don't let the coyotes get Ole.

Carolyn said...

The last place we lived in CA, we lost 2 cats before one of the neighbors told us that there were coyotes there. I would have never guessed that coyotes could survive in a city. (We lived near the foothills.)
Have fun in Vegas. I hope you win lots o money!