Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fremont Street! Finally!!

My most dear Nephew decided we were all going to go have some fun last night and he and his wife went with us down to Fremont Street. I haven't been to Fremont Street since it was enclosed so it pretty much blew me away.

The first show that we saw was Bye, Bye Miss American Pie - terrific but scary because Ole and I "lived" all the stuff they depicted during the song. We were "children of the 60s" and lived through all the hippies, flower children, death of Buddy Holly, etc. I'm sure you knew that the song Bye, Bye Miss American Pie was written about the death of Buddy Holly. If you didn't realize it, go back and listen to it closely. It's there. One of the phrases in the song is "the night the music died" - and a lot of other things died with it that night.

The next show was We Will Rock You by Queen - once again - terrific. The graphics were unbelievable. An hour later Kiss was scheduled. We thought about staying, but none of us were big Kiss fans. Besides Nephew had to get up early the next morning to be at some breakfast meeting.

Below are some of the graphics set to music that were projected on this big screen that covers the street. Can't you just imagine having some psychedelic "trip" with some of these graphics?

Interspersed between the shows (because they only take place at the top of the hour) Nephew took us to a place called Hogs and Heifers - a biker bar. It wasn't very crowded last night being a Tuesday night, but I can see where that place would really get rockin' and rollin'. When we walked in the bartenders were dancing on the bar and getting what few people were in there going.

They were good at getting the crowd involved, especially the women, several of whom got up on the bar and danced also. Judging from the appearance of the back of the bar - on some of the "drunker" nights when things really get going some of the women get pretty wild - note all the bras hanging up behind the bar! I think there was even an 88 ZZZ hanging back there somewhere. Now those would really be some bazoombas, right?

I SO wanted a shirt from this place, but the shirt booth was closed - so my tough luck. I'll either have to run back there during the day, or see what I can order online.
We also stopped in the Golden Nugget before we went home. Sat in the bar and listened to their entertainment - a comedian/vocalist/sax player that could really honk out some tunes.
All in all, it was a fun night and I'm really ready for more low key entertainment tonight. Nephew said that New York New York has something called Dueling Pianos that are well worth seeing - so I guess we'll give that a go tonight.
Reporting in from Vegas
Love Lena


Marge said...

Hi Lena,

We loved Fremont Street! And, boy, oh boy, do I ever remember Buddy Holly. Loved him. And yes, that's the day the music died.

We went to Phantom when we were there. The biggest entertainment thrill of my life! It was awesome.

I feel like I'm traveling with you, ass I've been the places you're mentioning.

Heading home to Minnesota in five days. Can't wait!

Marge said...

I told you, the S doesn't work! Either gives me two or none! Sorry, that should be AS!

Paula said...

For a minute I thought you might have found my bra but I only wear an 88ZZ...not an 88ZZZ. LOL!! JUST KIDDING!!! Fremont Street looks great. Mike and I went there long ago for dinner and drinking then walked the 7 miles between down town and the strip.

Meggie said...

I'd have LOVED to have seen the show on Fremont Street. As you (probably) know, I was a teen in the late sixties and early seventies -- baby boomer for sure. Love the "We Will Rock You" background music. Queen is a group I You Tube often. Have some real old fashion Queen albums too.

Hey, and thank you for the book heads-up. I will try to find it on e-Bay or Amazon. Maybe my library can find it. I need all the help I can get.