Sunday, February 15, 2009

Viva Las Vegas???

Viva Las Vegas? I think NOT!!! I've been here many times before and each time I come here I dislike it more. Sure - it's an exciting city if you're coming here to gamble and party. But if that's not what you're here for it's awful.

The traffic is undescribable - and the drivers are absolutely crazy. Nephew lives on the southwest edge of the city, and we had to go to the Flamingo Hotel for a 4 o'clock wedding yesterday. We planned for an hour's drive time, which should have more than covered it because the Strip isn't that far from his house. We got there with 5 minutes to spare. I thought I was going to have a heart attack several times on the way down because of the insane antics of the other drivers. One car was in the far left lane on the I-15, a 6-lane freeway when he decided he needed to get into the far right lane immediately or he would miss his exit. He actually took a 90-degree turn and drove straight across 5 lanes of traffic dodging between all the oncoming cars. And if you've ever driven in Vegas you know that NO ONE leaves much space between the car in front of them. Everyone rides bumper to bumper and goes like a bat out of you-know-where.

THEN - after we got off the freeway and were waiting in line to make a left-turn on Las Vegas Blvd. there came a car from somewhere behind the line of cars, drove in the wrong lane going against the traffic, all oncoming cars dodging him, drove up to the head of the line and tried to budge in just behind the first car in line to make the left turn!! Nephew says this kind of stuff is common and goes on all the time. I guess he should know as he's out in the traffic all over the city on a daily basis.

Several years ago when we were here we had the Harley along with us. Ole wouldn't even take it out of the trailer - he said it was far too dangerous a place to ride. We've both driven in big cities all over the world but this one is by far the worst as far as traffic is concerned. The only other city we've had trouble in was Boston, but at least the drivers were courteous there and not out of their minds in the antics they pulled. Driving in Boston is like driving on streets that remind me of boiled spaghetti dumped on a plate. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason in how they're laid out. We've even driven in Athens, Greece where the drivers drive with one hand on the wheel and the other fist out the window shaking it at you, and dealt with the Greek alphabet and didn't get lost. Not that Las Vegas is difficult to find your way around in, because it's not - it's just those fricken-fracken drivers - they are absolutely nuts.

Well, anyway, we made it to the Flamingo Hotel

and managed to find the correct wedding gazebo. There were only three weddings going on simultaneously in this particular court yard.

By 4 o'clock in the afternoon the air temperature was cooling off quite a bit and it was pretty chilly. I felt sorry for the bride and bridesmaids who were shivering and turning blue in their strapless gowns. But the ceremony took only 10 minutes so in that short time at least they didn't suffer from frostbite.

The hotel had sectioned off a large seating area in the buffet dining room, but the dinner reservation wasn't until 7 o'clock. So there was a long time to fill from 4:15 to 7:00. We all gathered in one of the little bars just to the side of the casino, but we didnt' last long there because the noise level was so high that nobody could hear anyone else. It was impossible to have a conversation. Big Brother and Ole and I are long-time friends of the groom's parents and hadn't seen them for a number of years, so we definitely wanted to have a good visit while we had the opportunity. The parents were staying at the Flamingo so we finally adjourned to their room for a couple of hours and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was really good to see them.

So today has been a quiet day, even though we were home by 9 o'clock last night. You can't afford to have more than one cocktail to the tune of $10 a pop! It's on the chilly, cloudy side here today so it's nice to hole up in the rig where it's warm and catch up on things. Big Brother and Ole are working on Big Brother's rig, installing a tracking satellite dish and upgrading his propane feed. So they're definitely staying out of mischief.

I've got a big roast in the crockpot for everyone tonight. I'll be making mashed potatoes and gravy and a salad. Nephew's wife is making dessert - so we certainly won't be lacking for food. Nephew has two boys - the oldest is 13 so he's in the beginning stages of being a bottomless pit when it comes to food. Hopefully a 5 lb. roast will be sufficient (snicker). Isn't that about the age when boys develop hollow legs? Having had only a girl I didn't experience those things.

That's all from Las Vegas for today.

Love Lena


Susan said...

Been thinking about you, Lena. Glad you are safe. Enjoy yourself. It is still very ugly in MN!! tee hee

harrietv said...

The Golf Widow now lives in North Las Vegas. Too bad you couldn't get together.

Capitolady said...

Glad you had at least some fun! I had a similar problem in Atlanta. We got up to 60 the other day, too bad it snowed the next one. :(