Monday, March 2, 2009

Daisy's Humiliating Day

Hi Everyone. Daisy here. I just have to tell you about my most humiliating day ever.

Can you imagine - having to have a bath outside in the desert? Out where everyone can see what I look like when I get wet? How absolutely humiliating, you know? Grandma decided I was starting to smell kind of "doggy" the other day. Personally I think she's far too persnickety, you know what I mean? What am I supposed to smell like after 6 weeks in the desert, running through all the sand and cacti that are around, rolling in the dust when I want. After all, I don't have any snow to roll in so I gotta do the next best thing.

Anyway, Grandma ran to town this morning and brought home some of that awful dog shampoo and Grandpa took us out behind the motor home where he has an outside shower. He soaked us down and Grandma scrubbed us both good. I must admit that it felt really good when she scratched us with her long fingernails - but don't tell her, okay? It didn't seem to bother Beau - but nothing ever bothers Beau. Me? I found it very embarrassing - after all, what's a lady to do anyway.

But having a bath did have its rewards. At home Grandpa blows us off with the air hose out in the shop after we've had a bath. Then Grandma rubs us all over with a big towel. But here we got to run and shake and shake and run out in the desert. And the air temperature was almost 90 degrees, so it really felt kind of good to be wet and cool.

One of the things that I found so embarrassing was that Lucy, that cat that thinks she's such a princess, watched the whole episode through the window. She thinks she's pretty smart because she doesn't have to have a bath.

And then after we were both dry, Beau got to hop up on the davenport and pat Grandpa on the back for the good job that he did. That Beau - he always gets to get up on the couch first. He's SO spoiled.

Talking about spoiled pets - look at this picture of Lucy. She doesn't even have to drink from a water bowl on the floor like Beau and I do. She gets her own plastic cup up on the counter!! She thinks she's too good to drink with us.
I just want all these other pets to go away so I can have Grandpa all to myself.
Oh, well, tomorrow will be a better day.
Love Daisy


Susan said...

Daisy, you look very nice and fresh. Besides, doesn't it just seem so nice to smell good again. Admit it. You are a lady, after all!!

Carolyn said...

Hi Daisy. This is the other Daisy, Carolyn's chihuahua. Yesterday must have been a bad day. We all got our nails trimmed (I HATE that) and a bath too. And then, you know what? Mom forgot to give us our treat! Sometimes life is just too hard. P.S. Our cats are spoiled and get away with anything they want to do too!

Meggie said...

Daisy, PupDog here from Arkansas, where we don't have cactus -- well, maybe a little bit of the prickly pear kind. (you don't want to step on that stuff. YOUCH!). I know what you mean about the cat, Lucy, being so spoiled. I can tell just by looking. You should be here. I have to deal with TWO of them who think they are the greatest things ever born. Actually, I kind of envy your bath. I need one but Mom (who always gives me my bath) says it's just too cold right now for me to go outside and run until I dry off. 90 degrees!?? Lucky you.