Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 a.m. Excitement

This is Daisy again. Thanks for all the nice comments from you other doggers that own bloggers.

You won't believe what happened last night about 2 o'clock in the morning. I was sleeping so good all sprawled out on my rug when all of a sudden this really loud beeping started. Poor Grandma flew out of bed in a panic thinking it was the smoke detector but it wasn't. She finally got Grandpa awake because when he takes his hearing aides out he doesn't hear much of anything, so he couldn't hear the beeping.

Beau, who always sleeps on the floor right at the foot of the bed, just lifted his head and watched Grandma trying to hunt down the source of the loud beeping. She finally determined that it was the carbon monoxide detector - but all the windows were open so where was it coming from?

Well, there's a detector on the wall in the bedroom, one under the cupboards in the kitchen, and for some reason, one of the bed frame down by the floor - you guessed it - right where Beau was sleeping. And Beau, of course, didn't move.

When Grandma finally got to the source of things she discovered that Beau had farted and caused the detector to sound off!! Once he moved everything cleared out and the beeper went off.

Leave it to Beau. He's truly a boy dog, isn't he?

Love, Daisy.


Susan said...

This story is too good to be true. We once had a beagle who could blow the roof off the house. Whenever she farted, she had to come lay by me to make me take the blame. Glad it wasn't serious.

Capitolady said...

Thanks Daisy, I'll make sure don't put one of those things near where Hershey sleeps.

kitchenlogic said...

Dear Daisy:

Next time your grandma and grandpa go on a road trip, you come here and stay with me. I don't fart. I just store.


Stella Mirra, Retrieved Golden

Meggie said...

Daisy, Winston the Maine Coon cat here. I'm big enough to be a dog, so I guess I qualify to reply to your blog. It just figures that Beau's fart would set off an alarm, doesn't it? Generally everything boys do is just SO disgusting, aren't they? I'll have to ask his secret because I'M A BOY TOO, only my mom thinks I'm perfect and way too distinguished to ever do such a thing as FART!

Carolyn said...

That is too funny! Poor Beau! No wonder he didn't get up...he knew.

Paula said...

God, I needed that laugh. So funny!!!