Saturday, March 7, 2009

Land of the O.K. Corral

Gosh, I can't even remember where we were last time I posted. Guess I better go dig back in the ole' memory banks and refresh the brain cells.

Oh, yes, we had arrived in Quartzsite after leaving Insane City (Las Vegas) and after spending a few days with friends in Lake Havasu City.

Quartzsite didn't yield much excitement - just a lot of relaxation that we both needed. We've been so surrounded with people since we left home back in January that there just hasn't been much down time. So Ole and I thoroughly enjoyed the couple of days that we had alone - just the two of us and all our livestock - in the desert doing a lot of nothing. Just sitting in the warm sunshine and doing a lot of reading. It was wonderful.

Big Brother finally caught up with us after spending extra days in Las Vegas. Our mail caught up with us too, so then we were ready to leave. We headed down the road and made it to Gila Bend, AZ the next night, where we parked in the Elks parking lot and spent the night. The Elks in Gila Bend welcomes all RVers that want to spend the night as long as you are able to boondock. And it was a good place for all the doggers because they could run free and snoop without having to be on a leash.

Our destination the next day was Tombstone, and after battling heavy cross winds and almost being blown off the road a time or two - we landed. We're in an RV park for the first time since we left home in January, and the doggers definitely don't like it. They have to be on a leash. Although Ole found a gate in the fence that surrounds the park, so he went through it and let the doggers run out in the desert. These big dogs really need their exercise. If they've had to ride in the coach all day they're really anxious by the time we stop.

They need to run, and they certainly do. Beau will find an object to run around - like a big bush or a cactus - and then entice Daisy to chase him. She does, and bites him in the butt when she can get ahold of him. After a half a dozen rounds going that way they switch - Beau chases Daisy and bites her in the butt when he can get ahold of her - which is far more frequently than the opposite. Beau is fast for short spurts - Daisy isn't fast but she can run forever at a slower pace.

So we pulled in here late yesterday afternoon, and after checking in and receiving a verbal tour of the town from the desk clerk we set up camp. The lady desk clerk was quite a gal. Don't get me wrong - she was a wealth of information and very friendly. VERY friendly to Big Brother. She was a gal about the same age as Big Brother, very attractive, and made it plain that she was single and available. When she was done giving us the verbal tour and showing us the map of the city, she told Big Brother that he had the most beautiful ice blue eyes she had ever seen!! And then, as we were going out the door, she said, and I quote word for word, "You are really a very hot number!!" After we got out the door he just chuckled and said, "E. B. keeps asking me if I'm wearing my sign!" E.B. is his lady friend back home and is referring to the sign that he should be wearing stating, "This man is taken!!"

Big Brother is 67 years old - and yes, he is still a pretty hot number, even if I do say so myself. His downfall is that he used to be an electrical engineer. And you've heard the old joke about what engineers use for birth control, haven't you? The answer is: Their personality!! Now that's supposed to be a joke, Folks. In a way, it's kind of true because engineers are noted to be extremely methodical about everything, but also very absent minded. And he is both of the above. I guess you have to know an engineer in order to find that funny. Oh, well.

Anyway, the Plan of the Day is to tour Tombstone and take in as many of the fun-sounding things as possible. We also want to get to Bisbee, an old copper mining town about 20 miles south of here. There are some other things in the area too, so we'll have to see how far we get in the next couple of days.

Unfortunately, I took a good look at the calendar the other day. We don't have much longer until we have to head home. What a crappy thought.

By the way, take note of the pictures over on the side - the desert is just beginning to bloom and it's beautiful. Wish we were going to be here when the cactus start to bloom. They are so very fragrant.

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Anonymous said...

I'm married to an electrical engineer. Not so funny. Methodical and airheaded at the same time is a lethal combination, if you ask me.

Okay. It's not so bad. It just ain't easy being married to a nerd!

I tell you, I can't take more of this winter and I wish we were in an RV right next to you. I'd kill for warm sunshine and reading outside. KILL!!!