Friday, August 21, 2009

Really Ugly

We had the ickiest (is that a word?) thing happen in our little town yesterday.

I've told you before that Ole is a volunteer fireman - one of three that is around during the daytime hours. I don't know why, but for some reason there were more guys around yesterday, and boy were both Ole and I glad about that.

Ole was out making hay (mowing the lawn after a month's growth) when the fire pager went off. When he's doing something noisy I carry the pager because he can't hear it. So I listened and it was for the rescue squad - man barricaded in his house with suicidal tendencies. Several minutes went by and the dispatcher paged the rescue squad again. Then about a half hour went by and the dispatcher paged the fire department requesting that they bring a pry bar and breathing apparatus, and that the sheriff's department was already on scene.

Now this sounded really strange. So I went tearing out to round Ole up and send him down to the fire department. Fortunately he was about the 6th guy there so he didn't have to go on the run because it was for assistance, not for a fire.

But that's all Ole heard - no other details.

Well, last night at the community picnic we found out the details - really ugly.

The members of the rescue squad couldn't get in the house, and there was a very strong odor coming from inside. When Ole's fireman buddy got the door open he said he vomited from the odor.

The man in the house had been dead for approximately three weeks. Remember - our temperatures were up in the high 90s last week.

That's all I have to say about that.


Memaw's memories said...

I know Ole was glad he didn't have to make that run.

Too bad it took three weeks for someone to miss him.

karenfae said...

how awful to come to a scene like that - I always admire the people who respond to the emergency's and do not know how they can cope with it. The smell alone! but to have been dead for 3 weeks and to not have anyone care about you, no close friends or family to have known the person had not been seen - how sad.

Debra said...

We left a turkey in our freezer after hurricane Katrina. There was no electricty and we left for two weeks, the power off the whole two what a smell!!! Never did get the dead carcus scent out of the refrigerator and had to buy a new one. Can just imagine how those fireman felt! Oh my!

Enjoyed visiting your blog by way of 'memawbakesmemories'

Blessings of peace and all that is good!

Meggie said...

Wonder why they thought someone was in there with suicidal thoughts? Who came up with that? What happened to the guy anyway? Natural causes or was it really a suicide?