Sunday, August 2, 2009

Red Neck Hillbillies

Isn't it interesting that there are folks in this world who have absolutely no respect for other people's property or space. They think nothing of just "moving in" like squatters when you're gone.

We were all out and about yesterday and returned back to the campground about 5:30. Up to this point we've had no one occupying the camping space in front of us. It's been nice, but of course we eventually expected to have neighbors.

Well, the new neighbors were here in all their glory when we returned. They were spread all over - overflowing into our space, physically occupying our chairs and picnic table and even had one of their pickups parked in front of our rig blocking our path out with the Harley. They have two pickups, a camping trailer, and three tents in their group. Just a bit crowded.

This didn't sit very well with Ole, and as he rounded the corner to park the bike under our canopy he intentionally drove into the middle of the hillbillies and almost hit one that was sitting in one of our chairs. The guy leaped out of the chair almost spilling the beer he had in his hand and yelled some profanity at Ole. Ole told him in no uncertain terms that dividing line between the two lots was the tree that was in the middle and if it was shade under our awning that they were looking for we sell it (snicker). The red neck then said that he noticed we didn't have any beer in our cooler so he was willing to buy shade for the price of a beer. We had a cooler sitting outside by our step and no, we didn't have any beer in it - just bottles of tea and water and a few sodas. So obviously they had not only been occupying our space but snooping through it also.

There are four couples in this group and they all look like something from the back woods of Kentucky and Tennessee. Someone that you would greet you with a shotgun pointed out the window as you approached their property - probably because they've got a still out back and don't want the Revenuers snooping around. So it should be an interesting week in that respect.

When I asked the guy who leaped out of the chair how long they were staying his response was, "Until I run out of money and that will depend on how much I drink." Boy, doesn't THAT sound like fun!!

It was my turn to serve supper last night, so when I finally got our picnic table cleared off, the food on the table and the members of our group sitting down - here were all these people next door staring at the food and looking like dogs who were ready to drool. I'm really surprised they don't have some red-boned hound dog along with them.

In the lot on our backside is the total opposite - totally yuppie. They're here in a huge new rig in the half-million dollar range, four brand new Harleys, a 4-wheeler and a HOT TUB!! But we haven't heard boo from them.

So another day dawns, and hopefully I can make it through again on the back of the Harley. I'm having a lot of pain in my hip due to the angle that I have to keep my legs when I'm riding on the back. In case I haven't mentioned it previously, I was informed two weeks ago that I have to have a new hip. I guess if it will take away the constant pain I'm in it's worth it, but I'm quite leary about being called the Bionic Woman in the future!!

I'm sitting by the window in the RV where I can see the hillbillies. They just crawled out of their tents and they all look like death warmed over.

Love Lena


Susan said...

Hang in there Lena. That would p--s me off so much, I'd be boiling. Quite often, it seems, I draw these types to me. Hopefully, they run out of beer money fast. Enjoy!! Sorry about the hip. Recovery takes a while, but I have a friend who is quite satisfied with the outcome.

Carolyn said...

I think we've all experienced this type of intrusion at least once while camping. I know it sounds old fashioned, but manners are a HUGE deal to me. I see red when having to deal with others who don't have or care to have good manners. I'm guessing that you're planning to lock up your belongings whenever you leave camp now. What a hassle! Good luck ignoring your icky neighbors. And extra good luck with your hip replacement!

~ Sil in Corea said...

Yep, I'm looking at hip replacement down the road a piece, too. I know what you mean about the angle being the important factor.
As for the hillbillies, believe me, Ole did the right thing drawing a line in the dirt with them. You can't give folks like that an inch or they'll be using your bathroom and everything else. Here's wishing you good luck.
I don't know why, but I'm a "drunk magnet." Can't walk down the street or ride the subway without some sodden Don Juan snuggling up to me, LOL.
Hugs from Corea, ~ Sil

Paula said...

I never forget when some red necks next to us at a campsite who got rather violently drunk and stayed up all nite...One guy kept yelling out "and then you die"!!! Some people..sheesh. Takes all the fun out of a trip. Perhaps you could get to know the yuppies...I'll bet a hot tub would do wonders for that sore hip.

Linda up north said...

I have had this happen too--though not to this extent. My friend and I got up from our beach chairs to take a walk down the shore a piece(on a fairly deserted beach I might add) and came back to find someone sitting in our chairs!! And not only that, we had to ask them to GET UP, we wanted them back! What the heck gives people so much nerve??
Hope your neighbors are out of beer by now and have moved on. Also... Ole looks like the kind of guy who could put a little fear in the hearts of your intruders ;)

Kay said...

Just found your blog & am very much enjoying your writing. You make the scene come alive. Yeesh, I don't know how I would've handled the rednecks...probably not very tactfully. Hope they don't hang out long.

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