Monday, September 7, 2009

The Combine Harvester

Sorry I've been so absent lately - I haven't written and I haven't read much. Things have been a bit on the busy side and I've had a couple of rather negative issues to deal with lately. I'll leave it at that as there are those who read my blog that would love to get their little meathooks into anything negative that's going on in my life and splatter it and enhance it. Aren't people like that just lovely?

Anyway, a few things on a more positive note: Big Brother is coming to visit - arriving tomorrow to attend his 50th high school class reunion this coming weekend. He wasn't going to come because he didn't think he could manage driving that distance (he lives in New Mexico) due to the accident he had a couple of months ago. Just by chance one of his best HS friends called here actually to talk to Ole about some car stuff. Ole wasn't here, so I was busy taking down the information. He wanted/needed to have some work done on his classic car so that it would be ready for his upcoming 50th HS class reunion. Then he gave me his name and phone number and I recognized it immediately. I asked him if he remembered a guy by the name of Big Brother - silence on his end of the line. Then he said, "We've been looking for him. Nobody knows where he is living now. How do you know him?" Then I informed him that I was Big Brother's little sister and he even remembered me!! So we visited some more and when he hung up he tasked me with lighting a firecracker under Big Brother and get him to come for the reunion.

Well - I did just that. First I called the airlines and managed to find a REALLY good deal on airfare with a senior citizen discount. I didn't know the airlines gave those things. Then I called Big Brother and informed him that I had been tasked with getting him up here for his reunion, repeated a variety of things that his friend had said and then informed him who I had talked to. Silence on the other end of the line - then an outburst - "We were best friends!!" So we booked the ticket, there were emails flying back and forth between the two old buddies, and as a result Big Brother arrives Tuesday night for a week.

I know I won't see too much of him because he'll be busy with his reunion, but I'm so glad he's coming. I think it's so important - in another 10 years he may not be able to come due to health reasons. Who knows what the future will bring. So my philosophy is "Do it now while you still can." My joy will just be seeing him having fun.

It's been a busy, busy weekend. Ole and I thought/planned a low key weekend, not wanting to go anywhere or do anything. BUT - - things don't always go according to plan. Friday night we happened to run into some folks down at the Local Watering Hole where we had gone for their rib special (mmm, melt in your mouth.) So that night lasted a bit later than what we intended. Saturday was involved with a number of things in town and bringing home a new porch swing which Ole immediately started to put together. By evening we were swinging on the deck and this afternoon Ole took a nap in it with Daisy and Lucy right beside him.

Late on Saturday afternoon I got to ride in a combine that was harvesting grain. You'll see the video later on. That was pretty exciting - and it was being driven by a WOMAN!! Farmer Neighbor Dave's wife, Cindy, was manning that huge machine all by herself - loading all those big grain trucks and just in charge of that whole operation. Farmer Neighbor Dave also plays in a 50s and 60s band, so he had a gig that afternoon and left Wife in charge. And a darn good job she did too. So Ole and I both went over and kept her company for awhile as going round and round and back and forth in a grain field all day can get pretty boring.

Sunday was spent out at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion. We know a number of people who are involved there, and ran into many that we hadn't seen for years. So you know how that goes. Yak, yak, yak. And Ole has such a gift of gab from being in sales for so many years that I don't think he ever stopped talking all day.

And today was spent on the Harley - it was such a beautiful day here, although a bit on the windy side. There was a strong enough cross wind that it blew one of my nostrils shut so I could only breath out of one, and when I started to talk to Ole, directly into his ear, the wind caught my mouth/cheek, blew it out so I looked like a one-sided pocket gopher and ripped the saliva right out of my mouth. Poor Ole thought I was trying to get sexy with him by licking his ear, but that just wasn't the case!! Oh, the things I go through to ride on the back of that bike!!

I have to do it now, even though it's causing me pain because in November I have a total hip replacement scheduled. I really should be doing it sooner, but Ole and I have one more trip we want to make this fall - to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smokey National Park. Ever heard of the Tail of the Dragon? Look it up - there are 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch of highway. And the fall colors should be gorgeous when we go. I'll just live on my 3 Advil 4 times a day and get through it. We've tried to take this trip for the last 3 years and every year something has come up. So even my hip isn't going to stop it this time if I have anything to say about it.

So we're pretty whipped puppies tonight - after spending that low-key weekend (chuckle.)

Here's the video about the combine harvester that I promised you!! Enjoy.

Love Lena


Debra said...

That's great that your brother is going to get to come to his reunion!

It will be such a lovely time to visit the Smokies and the Blue Ridge mountains, your will have to post pictures as you go.

Enjoyed reading your update!

Marge said...

I am jealous! In all our traveling, we have not done the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Smokies. You'd best have that camera in good working condition because I expect lots of pics. And I'll bet you will enjoy it, especially thinking of the hip surgery you have to come home to. Sorry you have to go through that.

Blessings on your day.

Paula said...

So that's where our food comes from? What a neat experience. Sounds like you had a great weekend and how wonderful for your Brother.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful video - made me a bit jealous (envious) and a little homesick. I hope the 'negative' things get sorted out quickly and painlessly - Mel

~ Sil in Corea said...

I'm SO glad your brother is going to make it for the 50th! My poor class isn't going to do one (sigh). I've done hip surgery and have another one to look forward to. I healed a lot faster than the surgeon thought I would, because I was religious about doing my physical therapy exercises every day and because I take Knox plain gelatine to fend off ol' Arthur Itis. He said he hadn't heard of that, but added, "Keep doing whatever you are doing, because it's working." I had a big carrot; my son wanted me to come to California and tour around with him just 5 months after the surgery. When I first mentioned it to the doc, he said, "Oh, No, it'll take you a year to heal at your age." He had to eat his words, (giggle). I was hiking in Yosemite 5 months after surgery.

Grandma Elsie said...

Well Been a while since I was here and I have missed my laughs ...
you are still good for what ails me.. Like lonesome Autumn who is knocking at my Virginia door.
Glad you will get to see your big brother .Have a wonderful visit ,what you get ...When in November is your hip replacement scheduled ?
Lordy that ain't fur off...

Jean said...

Miss you when you go AWOL! Hope the icky stuff is passed!

Have fun with your brother. What a good little sister you are!

Carolyn said...

I miss you!

Anonymous said...


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