Friday, March 26, 2010

Daisy and the dinosaur bone

I went to the grocery store yesterday. That was quite an accomplishment considering I hadn't been there for about a month. It's a job I put off as long as I can - I don't mind the shopping part, or even the paying part (believe it or not) - it's the getting it in the house part and the putting it all away part that I absolutely hate.

In my travels up and down the aisles way in the back by the meat department I came across a display of dinosaur bones all individually wrapped. They had been smoked and even still had some meat left on them. Some of them were huge leg bones and some of them were the big knuckle bones that dogs love to chew on. So in a mellow moment I thought of our dog Daisy, and the fact that she hadn't had a bone to help clean her teeth in a very long time and very carefully selected one, hoisted it into my grocery cart and went off down the aisle to fill my cart up even more.

When I arrived home and was unloading the back of the SUV, Daisy of course had her nose inserted into each bag as I brought them into the house and set them on the floor. When she finally discovered the one with the dinosaur bone in it, she immediately sat down beside it, looked pitifully hungry and started wagging her big fluffy tail. It's difficult for this dog to look pitifully hungry as she's upwards of 90 lbs., and hasn't missed many cheeseburgers this winter. But somehow she manages.

Later on in the afternoon when Ole headed out to the shop to work on his car, loyal Daisy followed along carrying her dinosaur bone along so she could lunch out there while watching Ole work.

Evening came and Daisy's bedtime of 10 o'clock rolled around. I usually go to bed about that time, watch the news, etc., and maybe a movie and then doze off. Daisy is satisfied with this and takes her place on the rug at the foot of the bed and proceeds to snore. If neither of us go to bed at that time she will pace back and forth between the bedroom and the kitchen where Ole is reading the paper trying to convince him to go to bed. She'll do this several times and then give up in frustration, head to the bedroom and go to sleep without either of us.

We were all sound asleep this morning, all in our respective places - Ole sprawled in his half of the bed (the middle) - me clinging to my side, Daisy on her rug and a cat or two here and there wherever they could find a secure spot on our king-sized bed. About 3 o'clock in the morning something woke me, although I couldn't quite determine what it was. As long as I was awake I decided I'd get up and use the bathroom, stepped over the huge fur mat that was sprawled in front of the bedroom door and returned again avoiding the dogsticle course. At this point Daisy had awakened and decided to move to the floor area over on my side of the bed.

Once again, I was clinging to the edge of the bed and was just dozing off when up from the floor came wafting an extremely strong odor. It came like a banshee in the night, running it's fingers up the side of the bed and then slapped me full in the face. Something that smelled like - what was it - rotten eggs - or maybe the sewer. I had just flushed the toilet - don't tell me that our sewer was backing up!! OMG - not now - not when the flood was OVER.

I sat straight up in bed, took another sniff and was ready to put my feet down on the floor and go in search of the horrible odor when I heard a lady-like "toot" arise from the lower regions of the room. That's when Daisy arose, took a little sniff in the air and got up and moved to the other side of the room.

It's been a long time since Daisy's had a bone - and I think it will be a long time until she gets another dinosaur bone. Either that or I have to go to bed with a gas mask!!

Now I have to go do the laundry. Love ya!


MNlady said...

Man, does that story sound familiar! Just like my house!!

harrietv said...

Daisy sounds like a dog after my own heart. However, my mother used to buy knuckle bones for our dog. She cooked them, freezing the stock until she was going to make soup. (We ate an awful lot of soup during those years.)

My dog loved her -- and she gave him away anyhow.

Memaw's memories said...

Poor Daisey. She can't help it if that bone caused her to be gassey. That is too funny. I hate to be disturbed when I'm trying to get my beauty sleep. I'd probably have kicked her out.

Marge said...

Oh how funny! Our Riley has been gone for four years now, but I sure remember those days!

You must be feeling pretty good if you are grocery shopping! I didn't just have surgery, but I despise grocery shopping for that same reason. You take it off the shelf, put it in the cart, take it out of the cart, put it on the checkout counter, put the bags in the car, take the bags out of the car, carry them in and put them on the counter, and finally put the groceries in the cupboards. That is handling the food a few too many times, I think!


Paula - 53 said...

Wow. I wondered if you'd dropped off the face of the Earth. I missed you. Great post as usual. Looking forward to more.