Monday, March 29, 2010

Invaded by swans

We've been invaded - not by aliens from outerspace, but by flocks of swans heading north to Canada. That HAS to mean that spring is on the way because I just know that Mother Nature wouldn't allow those lovely birds to fly north before it was warm enough.

We took Daisy for her nightly run last night, and fortunately I grabbed my camera on the way out the door. It's really good "pickin's" around here for all the birds going north as there are still many corn fields standing that didn't get harvested last fall due to all the rain. I told Ole that I hope they don't eat too much so they can still get off the ground when they decide to leave. They usually stay for 5 to 7 days in our area before they take off and then we don't see them again until fall.

On a local slough -

Landing in a cornfield

Aren't they amazing? If you go outside at night you can hear them flying overhead. Sometimes, if they're looking for a place to land, they fly so low you can hear the rush of their wings.
We have a pair of Canadian geese that come back to our bend in the river every year. I noticed them the other day up on the bank pecking for food so I dumped a loaf of old dry bread on the bank. I've attracted all kinds of critters, but the Mom and Dad geese are there scarfing up the goodies.
Love Lena

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Wow! Lena - that's gorgeous!