Friday, April 23, 2010

Uff da, it's been a busy week then

I've hardly had time to come up for air. You know how those weeks go. But today is Friday and I managed to sleep in and loll around the house this morning, read a few blogs, the newspaper and now I'm feeling guilty because I should get busy. You know what a normal characteristic feeling guilty is for a woman, but when you grew up Norwegian Lutheran, it's even a heavier load to carry. I think that's the biggest gene that those Norwegian Lutherans sent down the pipeline to the next generation was how to feel guilty correctly.

Well, then, let me tell you about my week - if you're interested that is.

I'm one of the officers of our women's church group - LWML for the rest of you Lutherans - Lutheran Women's Mission League for those of you who aren't. We found out two weeks ago that it was our turn to host the Spring Rally. Now that's not a LOT of notice, but our group works together very well and we managed to pull it off successfully.

Because I'm the treasurer I got to do all the grocery shopping for the lunch we put together. The standard statement is always, "Well, you've got the checkbook, you go get the groceries." Groceries for 75 people gets to be a lot of groceries to be hauling around, loading, unloading and putting away, but Ole was kind enough to help me. So I spent Monday afternoon doing that. Then came Tuesday when six of us got together in the church kitchen and spent the day preparing all the food for the next day. Tuesday started at 10 o'clock and ended about 4 o'clock. Then came Wednesday, the day of the Rally so we were all there bright and early at 8 o'clock and by the time we finished cleaning everything up it was 4 o'clock again.

For me that was three days of being on my feet on a concrete floor and the old bod' told me so, too. We were all "Pooped Puppies."

But the ladies and the five ministers that attended from other churches raved about the food. Ministers are always hungry, I think. At least ours is and I don't know where he puts it because he's so slim and trim. In his former life he was a Marine. Didn't become a minister until he was 44 years old. VERY interesting fellow.

I must tell you about our entertainment. It was a skit entitled "Olga and Lena Go to Church." Here's a picture of Olga and Lena. Lena is in the stylish orange hat. (Actually, that's me - they didn't know I wasn't just PLAYING the part - I actually LIVE it!)

Olga and I used our very best Norwegian brogue and they all laughed at us. Someone should tell them it's not nice to laugh at people when they're trying so hard to speak English (snicker). The synopsis of the story was that Lena always sat in the back pew, always in the same seat. But today when she came to church someone else was occupying her seat and unless she sat in THAT seat she couldn't listen to the Pastor's sermon. Then it went on about what happens in the back pews - all da coughing and da nose blowing and the snoring, and how Ole always takes a nap in the back pew during the sermon. It just wouldn't do to sit in the front pew with Ole because when he wakes up he doesn't know WHERE he is or WHO he is and how high he jumps when Lena pokes him with her elbow.

Anyway, Olga finally convinces Lena to move to the front pew and the story goes on as to what she experiences up there. Lena can actually SEE and HEAR what's happening from the front pew and some of the remarks that she makes made our Pastor blush and in several instances burst out laughing. We made him sit in the front pew on the other side so we could look at him and point fingers.

Anyway, it was hilarious and both Olga and I had a hard time to get through it without busting up ourselves. I just about lost it a couple of times and had a hard time to continue.

We had a great time. But I had to spend yesterday recovering as I felt like I had been run over by a truck and then it backed up over me again. Today is better.

Have you been following all the news about the volcano erupting in Iceland? Well, Ole and I have probably because we have a special interest in it because we used to live there. I'd like to share a video with you that I have posted previously so some of you may have seen it. It's what Iceland looked like back in the dark ages and the days of the Vikings when Ole and I lived there. Hope you enjoy it.

Love you all, Lena

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Anonymous said...

What fun to read. I am half Norwegian on my mother's side and grew up Norwegian Lutheran so I understand what you mean by that Norske guilt. I doubt if the ladies in our 'Ladies Aid Society' would ever have had the nerve to present a skit like that, especially if the pastor was present.