Friday, August 6, 2010

Let me introduce you to our friends

We got to the campground this morning by 11:00, got all signed in and registered and drove back to our designated campsite - the one we've occupied for the last 8 years. Much to our surprise, Karen and Dave, our friends from AZ, were already there. They had arrived last night in the midst of a heavy rain storm. It was great to see them - visit and bit and then got busy getting things straightened out, etc.

Here's a picture of Karen and Dave, taken last year.

They're the ones who raised 11 children - 9 of whom were adopted, and of those 9 adopted children, 5 were from other countries. There were 9 girls and 2 boys. It's hilarious when Dave starts telling stories about traveling on vacations with 10 women - 9 daughters and his wife. Also when he tells stories about "raging hormones" all being cycled through at the same time of the month!! He should write a book.

Jeff & Jerry were also already here.

This is also a picture that was taken last year. Jeff & Jerry are father & son and run a very large farm - 6000 acres where they raise grain, corn and beef cattle. Jeff, in the black shirt, had a lap band installed last winter so he's now 150 pounds lighter. Apparently he's lucky to be alive though, as his body rejected it and he was quite ill for about six months. He's recovered now and doing well.

Today was a pretty low key day. About 2 o'clock Karen & Dave and Tony and I decided we'd ride to town and get some lunch. Then it was back to the campground where there was some serious relaxing and napping that took place, until we got up and ate some more - Karen had fixed a ham so we all stuffed ourselves AGAIN!!

I was going through some of my pictures from last year and came across this one that I just HAD to include. This was taken at the Full Throttle Saloon and just goes to show you what some folks will do to have fun!!

We're in the path of storms tonight - it's raining quite heavy right now and just dumped marble-sized hail on us for several minutes. Fortunately not as bad as last year when it hailed stones the size of baseballs. We had over $15,000 in damages done to our RV last year.

Our luck has got to change SOON!!



harrietv said...

I am so glad you actually get your vacation this year, despite all the "side trips" of the past year. Have a ball!

Marge said...

Sounds like you're having a good time already! And we are expecting those storms tomorrow. They're already telling us to watch out for them. Be careful but have fun!