Thursday, April 28, 2011


What a horrible way to start the day. I think I broke my toe! OwWwW! And for those of you who are thinking anything else, it was all in pure innocence. I was walking back to the bedroom to make the bed. Ole was in Walmart shopping for that new tire we had to buy and I wanted to have everything ready to take off when he got back. That's what I get for hurrying I guess. Hope I can get my boot on tomorrow to go riding.

Anyway, it was a rather eventful afternoon getting here. Not because we had any problems, but I think I had several heart attacks along the way. About 5 o'clock we turned off Highway 71 at Bentonville, AR and headed east toward Eureka Springs. If I had known that road was so full of hairpin turns I would have figured out some other way to get here. For those of you who have ridden the Needles Highway on a motorcycle down in the Blackhills, this is quite comparable. Only it's about 35 miles long instead of just a few miles. And doing it in a 40' motorhome is definitely NOT fun. It's very narrow and there is NO shoulder or guard rails. If you move 6 inches too far to the right you're done. They'll never find you down in the bottom of the deep ravine. The vultures and the wild critters will dine on your bones. Now on a motorcycle, I'm looking forward to it - but we're definitely finding some other way out of here when we leave in the motorhome!

So we made it to the campground, got parked, set up and started to relax. Daisy was definitely tired of being cooped up in the RV and was ready for some outside time. After a good long walk with Ole around the park and through the ravines she was ready for some downtime. I think she felt my stress level and reacted to it as she seemed very nervous on the last leg of this journey. After her walk she managed to find a soft spot in all the oak leaves that had fallen and took a nice nap.

Ole walks her on a leash as those are the rules, but I know he wouldn't have to as she's so well behaved. Everybody that sees her goes gaga over her and she always allows them to get acquainted and pet her. There are several other dogs in the campground but they're all little "yappers." She just turns her nose up at them as though they aren't worth her time. Good Girl, Daisy. Keep up the good work.

So Ole cooked tonight - burgers on the grille. They were SO good. It's been too darn cold to do any grilling at home so these were especially good.

So tomorrow the Harley comes out of the trailer and we'll put some miles on. Really looking forward to it.

Even though we're in a campground with electricity, water and sewer, we're really having to rough it for the week. There are so many trees here - huge oaks and very tall pines - we can't get a satellite signal nor do they have cable. So that means no TV for a week. Do you think we'll survive? As of tonight it's wonderful. I'll let you know in a week if I still feel the same.

Love, Lena


Sven said...

Should have brought your Roku.

Marge said...

I kind of like those nights when he can't hook up the a fire and read a book by the firelight. Then cuddle when it gets too cold to sit outside! Have fun on the Harley, but remember to act your age! Drive carefully Ole!