Monday, May 2, 2011

Wet Monday

It rained all day today. It rained all day yesterday and part of the day before. So guess what we've been doing. No don't . . . . . . . . I don't like where your mind goes . . . . .

We've watched a lot of movies, we've read a lot of books and magazines, taken a lot of naps and I've crocheted a lot. Today was a blessing as our friends Don and Bernie came to visit IN A CAR and took us for a tour of the countryside.

This is a big motorhome but it can get quite small after a couple of days of rain . . . .

Anyway, Don and Bernie retired to northwest Arkansas about a year and a half ago and love it. I can certainly see why. They ride their Harleys 12 months a year and after much questioning Don stated that the summers here aren't any hotter or more humid than the summers in Minnesota. Hmmmm . . . . Brings to mind a lot of questions about relocating.

Anyway, they picked us up IN A CAR and took us through some very beautiful parts of northwest Arkansas where we landed at a place called the Cliff Side Inn for lunch. It overlooked a huge valley that was gorgeous. Unfortunately the rain caused a fog that wouldn't allow us to get a good view of the valley so we just enjoyed the lunch and the company and all the humming birds that were buzzing around the flowers planted in pots on the porch.

So we really haven't gotten to do anything that we've wanted here in Eureka Springs. There's a couple of quilt shops downtown that I want to visit along with just poking around in the unique downtown area. They also have something called a lighting ceremony where the victorian are of the old downtown is lit up completely by paper lanterns. It's supposed to be quite a sight and was supposed to begin last night, May 1st. But with the rain we question the fact that it happened. Hopefully the weather will cooperate on Tuesday night so that we can take it all in.

Also want to do some touring on the bike around the lake area. The countryside is beautiful with all the rolling hills, etc., but with the rain we haven't been able to take it all in.

So - - - more movies on the TV tonight as it's raining and we can't get the satellite TV due to all the trees. This is really ROUGHING IT. So we missed out on the earth quake in Alexandria, MN that happened several days ago, and also the capture/killing of Osama Bin Laden. HURRAY!!

Ole's got some WKRP videos playing so it's time to go watch them.

Love, Lena

PS: Special message to all you North Dakotans and Minnesotans - ENJOY YOUR SNOW - at least all we've got is RAIN!!

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Marge said...

Lena, we had spring today! You missed it! It was absolutely beautiful with sunshine and everything. Sure hope it stays around for awhile.

I've been stuck in a trailer for several days during a rainy spell, and it is no fun! No TV makes it rough! I usually had the sewing machine along, but he would mope around and get in the way. Hope it gets better soon!