Friday, May 7, 2010

Daisy has to Diet

Daisy had her dog doctor appointment this morning. She was NOT a happy camper. First of all, Ole is the one that usually takes her to her appointments. This morning he decided he needed to stay home with his foot up. He told me that he just MAY have overdone it yesterday with mowing the grass as his foot "kind of" hurt this morning. Duh!!!

So Daisy and I went down the road to the dog doctor's clinic. When I got there and opened the hatch to the Expedition she crawled from the "way back" to the back seat and lay down. There was NO WAY she was going to get out of that car and go into the clinic - not with me or with anybody - I think even Ole would have had to convince her to jump out.

Of course the first thing they do is the most humiliating thing - put her on the scale. How dreadful - she has gained 7 pounds over the winter. She's up to 97.8 lbs. now, which is way too much for a German Shepherd of her size. She's gotten chubby around the neck to the point where Ole had to loosen her collar, and she's having trouble jumping into the back of both my Expedition and Ole's truck. I know that some of that can be contributed to age (she's 9), but all the extra weight doesn't help either.

Now Ole always sees that Daisy is well fed every night. I told him that Dr. Green needed to lecture HIM instead of Daisy. Ole always adds extra goodies to her dog food - leftover gravy, meat scraps, etc. It's gotten to the point now that if we don't have any goodies to put on her dog food she thinks she's being punished and won't touch the dog food. Yup - sticks her nose in the air and walks away. Last time we fed her just plain dog food it took two days before she finally got hungry enough to eat it.

So it's not really Daisy's fault that she's chubby - it's Ole's. We take her for a run in the country every night, rain or shine, and she usually goes about 2 miles. Good exercise for her joints, etc.

Just goes to show that even if you're a canine, you can't get away with being chubby. Darn anyway. Now I've got to diet along with Daisy.

Love, Lena

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Marge said...

Ole was mowing the lawn! Then he deserves to have his foot hurt. My goodness, he should know better.

So, guess it's you and me a Daisy makes three for the whole diet thing. If I could only get started, I think I'd be okay, but just can't start!

Do you have snow? They keep saying we might get some flakes tonight. Ugh! I hate it when winter and spring get all mixed up!