Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News for a Change

Ole had his appointment with the bone doctor today (orthopedic surgeon). I LOVE this man. He saw Ole about 15 years ago for a couple of herniated discs, he's the one that did my hip surgery, and today, after looking very carefully at Ole's x-ray of his ankle and examining him physically, he pronounced that Ole did not have a broken ankle but a badly stretched ligament. Apparently what the ER doc saw was the shadows of an old motorcycle injury from 1986 when Ole crushed his leg riding dirt bike in the desert.

So he put Ole in a removable cast and told him that he could put as much weight on it as he felt comfortable with. He's to go back in three weeks when the swelling is down and he'll get a smaller cast for a few more weeks and then (hopefully) be almost as good as new.

Of course Ole thinks this is a license for him to go back to full bore on everything, and after taking a couple of pain pills he climbed on the lawnmower and is currently cutting the grass. I told him I didn't want him to do that and that I was perfectly capable of driving the lawnmower. But that didn't fly - he said a week of sitting on his duff doing nothing has driven him crazy and he had to accomplish something. I guess you can't keep a good Finlander down.

We're going to celebrate really big tonight. It's our 43rd anniversary today. Forty-three years ago it snowed on our wedding day - great big huge fluffy flakes. We currently have a forecast of an inch of heavy wet snow for tonight. So, as I said, we decided to celebrate tonight and when we were in town this afternoon, stopped at Cold Stone Creamery and bought a half gallon of peanut butter chocolate ice cream and I had them mix in butterfinger chunks. We'll go over to our friends this evening after dinner and pig out. We're really hot patooties when it comes to being party animals, don't you think? I just told Ole that I had to be home at a reasonable time because my bedtime is 9 o'clock!!

I guess I don't have any other news. So I'm going to pour myself a bit of an anniversary cocktail and go sit on my deck swing and watch Ole mow the grass in the backyard. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Love you all,



Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy 43!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lena! My birthday as well! Lets just say I could tag along at your wedding, maybe have been a flower girl. LOL :)

I am miffed that it snowed on my birthday! How DARE!

harrietv said...

Don't you love it when younger doctors don't recognize what they're seeing on x-rays?

Happy anniversary! It rained during our wedding ceremony (fortunately, we were indoors). The rabbi said it was a gift of life, and I have always believed that.